Previous Tournaments

Champions League
Season: 2011
Competition: O-League 2011
Winner: Auckland City FC (NZL)
Runner up: Amicale FC (VAN)
Third: Koloale FC (SOL)
Fourth: Waitakere United (NZL)
Season: 2010
Competition: O-League 2010
Winner: Hekari United FC (PNG)
Runner up: Waitakere United (NZL)
Third: Auckland City FC (NZL)
Fourth: Lautoka FC (FIJ)
Season: 2009
Competition: O-League 2009
Winner: Auckland City FC (NZL)
Runners-up: Koloale FC (SOL)
Third: Waitakere United (NZL)
Fourth: Hekari Souths United (PNG)
Technical Document: Event Report 2009
Season: 2008
Competition: O-League 2008
Winner: Waitakere United (NZL)
Runners-up: Kossa FC (SOL)
Third: Auckland City FC (NZL)
Fourth: Tafea FC (VAN)
Technical Document: Event Report 2008
Season: 2007
Competition: O-League 2007
Winner: Waitakere United (NZL)
Runner up: Ba FC (FIJ)
Third: Auckland City FC (NZL)
Fourth: AS Temanava (TAH)
Technical Document: Event Report 2007
Season: 2006
Competition: OFC Club Championship 2006
Winner: Auckland City FC (NZL)
Runners-up: AS Pirae (TAH)
Third: YoungHeart Manawatu (NZL)
Fourth: Nokia Eagles (FIJ)
Technical Document: Event Report 2006
Season: 2005
Competition: OFC Club Championship 2005
Winner: Sydney FC (AUS)
Runners-up: AS Magenta (NCL)
Third: AS Pirae (TAH)
Fourth: Tafea FC (VAN)
Season: 2001
Competition: OFC Club Championship 2001
Winner: Wollongong Wolves (AUS)
Runners-up: Tafea FC (VAN)
Third: Napier City Rovers (NZL)
Fourth: AS VĂ©nus (TAH)
Season: 1999
Competition: OFC Club Championship 1999
Winner: South Melbourne FC (AUS)
Runners-up: Nadi FC (FIJ)
No playoff game for the third and fourth place
Season: 1987
Competition: OFC Club Championship 1987
Winner: Adelaide FC (AUS)
Runners-up: University-Mount Wellington (NZL)
Third: Ba FC (FIJ)
Fourth: Rangers (Honiara) (SOL)