Papua New Guinea 0 - 2 Fiji

Fiji have beaten Papua New Guinea 2-0 to finish top of the men's Group B and progress to the semi finals along with Tahiti who pip Papua New Guinea on goal difference.

See below the play-by-play action.

Papua New Guinea:
1. Lesly KALAI (GK), 3. Valentine NELSON, 5. Kelly JAMPU, 7. Gari MOKA, 11. Nathaniel LEPANI, 12. David MUTA (c), 13. Andrew LEPANI, 14. Niel HANS, 16. Jeremy YASASA, 17. Mauri WASI, 18. Eric KOMENG
Coach: Frank FARINA

1. Simione TAMANISAU (GK) (c), 2. Avinesh SWAMY, 4. Seveci ROKOTAKALA, 5. Pene ERENIO, 7. Pita BOLAITOGA, 8. Alvin SINGH, 12. Alvin AVINESH, 13. Maciu DUNADAMU, 14. Taniela WAQA, 17. Malakai KAINIHEWE, 18. Esava NAQALECA
Coach: Gurjit SINGH

Referee: Bertrand BILLION (FRA)
Assistant referee 1: Michael JOSEPH (VAN)
Assistant referee 2: Ruilly ERMANEL (NCL)
4th official: Isidore ASSIENE-AMBASSA (FRA)

The match kicks off.

4' Long cross to Seveci Rokotakala but he misses his control.

7' Free-kick for Fiji but the shot is wide.

8' Direct free-lick for Papua New Guinea, Niels Hans kicks but misses the target.

11' YELLOW CARD Seveci Rokotakala is cautioned for Fiji.

13' YELLOW CARD TAniela Waqa is cautioned for Fiji.

17' Gari Moka crosses to Nathaniel Lepani but the ball is too high.

24' Free-kick for Fiji, long ball to the second post to Malakai Kainihewe who crosses but no teammates to take the ball.

26' Alvin Avinesh shoots but misses the target.

27' Direct free-kick for Fiji but Avinesh Swamy's kick is wide.

29' Niel Hans take the fre-kick and Tamanisau boxes the ball.

36' Avinesh Swamy takes the shot byt misses the target.

37' GOAL !!! Papua New Guinea 0 Fiji 1 Avinesh Swamy scores with a shot from the edge of the box.

40' Maciu Dunadamu takes the shot from inside the box but misses the net.

42' YELLOW CARD Kelly Jampu is cautioned for Papua New Guinea.

45' A cross of Papua New Guinea but Tamanisau boxes the ball.

One minute additional time.

45+1' GOAL !!! Papua New Guinea 0 Fiji 2 After a corner kick, Malakai Kainihewe scores with a header.

The referee whistles the end of the first half

46' SUBSTITUTIONSMauri Wasi is replaced by Samuel Kini and Nathaniel Lepani is replaced by Michael Foster for Papua New Guinea.

The second half kicks off.

49' Long cross to Michael Foster but the goalkeeper catches the ball

50' Free-kick at the edge of the box, Niel Hans takes it but misses the net.

53' Avinesh Swamy's shot is wide.

56' Pita Bolaitoga shoots from outside the box , his shot is colsed to the post.

56' SUBSTITUTION Esava Naqaleca is replaced by Ilaitia Tuilau for Fiji.

58' Michael Foster takes the shot and finds a corner kick as the ball is touched by a defender.

59' On the corner kick, a defender clears the ball with a header and the ball goes to Niel Hans who shoots wide.

64' Eric Komeng takes his chance and shoots from inside the box but he finds Tamanisau on his way who does a good save.

65' YELLOW CARD Ilaitia Tuilau is cautioned for Fiji.

65' SUBSTITUTION Taniela Waqa is replaced by Jone Vesikula for Fiji.

69' Long ball to Alvin Singh but he pushes the ball too far and Kalai catches the ball.

71' Alvin Singh's cross touches the defender and hits the post.

72' SUBSTITUTION Kelly Jampu is replaced by Felix Bondaluke for Papua New Guinea.

74' Eric Komeng's shot finds the Tamanisau's hands.

80' SUBSTITUTION Maciu Dunadamu is replaced by Yuimasi Manuca for Fiji.

82' Eric Komeng is out of the field for bleeding and Papua New Guinea play with ten players.

83' Eric Komeng is back on the field.

86' Michael Foster's cross finds Tamanisau's hands.

86' Alvin Singh's shot hits the crossbar.

87' Andrew Lepani's cross finds Tamanisau's hands.

90' Alvin Avinesh's shot is wide.

Two minutes additional time.

90+1' Garo Moka's header is closed to the crossbar.

The referee whistles the end of the game.

Updated On Sunday, September 04, 2011
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