Guam 1 - 4 Vanuatu

Vanuatu have beaten Guam at Rivière Salée in their men's Group A match at the XIV Pacific Games.

See below the play-by-play action.

Starting line-ups:

1. Brett MALUWELMENG (GK), 3. Matthew CRUZ, 4. Scott LEON GUERRERO, 6. Shawn SPINDEL, 7. Ian MARIANO, 8. Dominic GADIA (c), 9. Elias MERFALEN, 10. Jason CUNLIFFE, 11. Christain SCHWEIZER, 12. Dylan NAPUTI, 17. Mark CHARGUALAF
Coach: Kazua UCHIDA

16. Chikau MANSALE (GK), 2. Alphones BONGNAIM, 5. Georges TABE, 6. KENSI TANGIS, 7. Jean Robert YELOU (c), 8. Seimata CHILIA, 9. Robert TASSO, 13. Filiamy NIKIAU, 19. Ricky TARI, 21. Brian KALTAK, 22. Jean KALTAK
Coach: Saby NATONGA

Referee: Chris KERR (NZL)
Assistant referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant referee 2: Glen LOCHRIE (NZL)
4th referee: Andrew ACHARI (FIJ)

The match kicks off.

1' Vanuatu start with a long ball to put the pressure on the Guam defense.

3' Kansi Tangis in the bax takes the shot but Brett Maluwelmeng saves.

5' After a corner kick and a scramble in the box Seimata Chilia shoots but misses the target.

11' Jean Kaltak shoots from outside the box but his shot is too wide to worry the goalkeeper.

14' GOAL !!! Guam 1 Vanuatu 0 A long pass in direction to Dylan Naputi on the right side, Naputi crosses to Jason Cunliffe alone in the box and scores.

16' Corner kick for Guam and Mansale catches the ball in the air.

17' Cross to Robert Tasso at the second post and after few dribbles in the bax takes the shoot but misses the net.

19' Tasso again in the box but the defender comes back to stop the action.

22' Jean Kaltak has an opportunity to score but his shot is above the crossbar.

23' Counter attack for Guam, Ian Mariano passes to Naputi but Brian Kaltak comes back to stop the action.

25' Jean Kaltak's shoot misses the target.

28' Tasso shots but the left goalkeeper feet saves.

31' Cross to Tasso at the second post, his header finds Georges Tabe but the referee whistles a foul against Vanuatu.

32' Filiamy Nikiau's header misses the target.

34' YELLOW CARD Christian Schweizer is cautioned for Guam.

35' The Vanuatu direct free-kick finds the Maluwelmeng's hands.

37' Low cross from Tasso which finds goalkeeper's arms.

36' YELLOW CARD Robert Tasso is cautioned for Vanuatu.

43' Free kick for Guam, the Vanuatu defense clears the ball.

42' Elias Merfalen's cross finds Mansale's hands.

45' Jean Kaltak takes the shot but too high to worry the goalkeeper.

The referee whistles the end of the first half.

The second half kicks off.

49' Elias Merfalen takes the shot but finds the Mansale's arms.

50' GOAL !!! Guam 1 Vanuatu 1 Kensi Tangis scores with a shot in the box.

53' GOAL !!! Guam 1 Vanuatu 2 Robert Tasso scores with a header at the second post after a cross from Ricky Tari.

59' Counter attack for Vanuatu, Kensi Tangis's shot is too wide.

64' SUBSTITUTION Georges Tabe is replaced by Rexley Tarivuti for Vanuatu.

68' SUBSTITUTION Robert Tasso is replaced by Michel Kaltak for Vanuatu.

69' YELLOW CARD Seimata Chilia is cautioned for Vanuatu.

73' Contact between Jean Kaltak and a Guam defender in the box, the referee doesn't whistle.

75' GOAL !!! Guam 1 Vanuatu 3 Jean Kaltak scores with a shoot in the box after a cross from Michel Kaltak.

81' SUBSTITUTION Dominic Gadia is replaced by Joseph Laanan.

82' GOAL !!! Guam 1 Vanuatu 4 Ricky Tari scores with a shot in the box.

84' SUBTITUTION Christian Schweizer is replaced by David Manibusan for Guam.

88' Rexley Tarivuti's shot is well saved by the goalkeeper.

Two minutes additional time.

The referee whistles the end of the game.

Updated On Saturday, September 03, 2011