Vanuatu 0 - 2 Cook Islands

Cook Islands have beaten Vanuatu 2-0 on day five of the OFC Women’s Nations Cup New Zealand 2010.

The starting line-ups were as follows:

Vanuatu: 1. Rose YOLOU, 2. Leisale SOLOMON, 3. Sylvia VATOKO, 4. Sergine POIDA, 5. Sileye SAINA, 6. Jeanine ALATOA, 9. Joella AVOCK, 13. Phina ANGELO, 14. Janice ALATOA, 15. Evensta ARU, 16. Melanie MANSALE

Cook Islands: 1. Marjorie TORU, 2. Jennifer AKAVI, 3. Aketuke UNUKA, 4. Tekura TUTAI, 6. Marissa IROA, 7. Teariivahine-Iteuaterai HENRY, 8. Elizabeth HARMON, 9. Dayna NAPA, 10. Regina MUSTONEN, 11. Danielle TREGO, 16. Upokotea MANULEA

The match kicks off

1' Vanuatu have gone straight onto the attack and win a corner

2' The ball goes out for a goal kick after a shot from the corner

5' Regina Mustonen carries on her good form for Cook Islands during this tournament with shot that sails over the bar

5' Joella Avock tries to break away for Vanuatu but Cook Islands scramble the ball clear

7' Cook Islands nearly open the scoring through Mustonen after Dayna Napa breaks down the right but Vanuatu manage to block the shot

9' Cook Islands have started brightly and are seeing plenty of the ball

12' Avock runs onto a through bll for Vanuatu but Cook Islands goalkeeper Marjorie Toru comes out to gather the ball at her feet

13' Avock has a stab at goal from close range but it is saved by Toru and goes out for a corner

15' Mustonen heads a Napa cross well wide for Cook Islands

15' Cook Islands win a corner after Aketuke Unuka shoots from long range but it comes to nothing

18' Mustone is almost in on goal for Cook Islands but the offside flag is raised

19' Avock almost scores for Vanuatu after a fast break but the ball is squeezed out for a corner

20' Cook Islands have dominated the opening 20 minutes with Vanuatu restricted to counter attacks

23' Mustonen gets into a good position just outside the box for Cook Islands but miscontrols

25' Mustonen pounces on a Liz Harmon cross but puts her shot just wide

27' Vanuatu are enjoying a rare spell in the Cook Islands half

30' Rose Yolou has to race out of her area to deal with a Cook Islands attack

33' Mustonen is nearly put in with a neat pass but Yolou comes out to gather

38' SUBSTITUTION: Sylvia Vatoko is replaced by Elodie Samuel for Vanuatu

42' Vanuatu are enjoying a spell of pressure but are yet to create a clear-cut chance in the match

45' One minute of injury time will be played

The referee brings an end to the first half

The second half kicks off

46' Avock looks Vanuatu's best chance of scoring and shows some good skill to create an opportunity on the edge of the box but shoots straight at Toru in the Cook Islands goal

48' Napa breaks down the right for Cook Islands and tries to find Harmon with her cross but the ball goes out for a goal kick

49' Toru comes out to smother at the feet of Vanuatu's Janice Alatoa

52' Liz Harmon breaks down the right for Cook Islands and slides in a cross which Yolou spills but Mustonen can't get to the rebound

53' YELLOW CARD: Mustonen is cautioned for Cook Islands

56' Napa gets into a great position on the right to cross for Cook Islands but miskicks and the ball goes out for a goal kick

58' Mustonen controls a bouncing cross and shoots for Cook Islands but the ball rolls harmlessly wide

59' Place is held up while Aketuka Unuka is treated for an injury

60' SUBSTITUTION: Unuka is replaced by Louisa Manico for Cook Islands

62' SUBSTITUTION: Janice Alatoa is replaced by Serah Thompson for Vanuatu

67' Napa has a great chance at the far post for Cook Islands when she gets on the end of Mustonen's low cros but blazes the ball wide

68' Teariivahine-Iteuaterai Henry shoots from just outside the box for Cook Islands but the shot hits one of her own players

70' Napa gets into another great position on the right after captain Henry shows some good skills to put her in but again can't find the target

72' Cook Islands launch another raid at the Vanuatu goal but can't work an opening

75' Henry has a strike from outside the area but scuffs it slightly and the ball rolls to the side of the goal

76' Mustonen drags a shot from inside the box wide

77' Cook Islands are doing all the attacking and it looks to be only a matter of time before they score

77' Thompson breaks down the left and has a rare shot for Vanuatu but it goes straight to Toru

79' Samuel goes on a good run down the right hand side of the Cook Islands box but loses the ball before she can cross

83' GOAL!!! Cook Islands 1, Vanuatu 0: Napa runs onto a through ball and rounds Yolou before rolling the ball home

85' Vanuatu will now be going out of the tournament unless they can perform some dramatic late heroics

87' SUBSTITUTION: Elodie Samuel is replaced by Stephanie Tougen for Vanuatu

88' SUBSTITUTION: Liz Harmon is replaced by Tepaeru Toka for Cook Islands

89' GOAL!!! Cook Islands 2, Vanuatu 0: Henry blasts the ball into the top corner from close range

90' SUBSTITUTION: Marissa Iroa is replaced by Kim Tare for Cook Islands

90' Two minutes of injury time will be played

The final whistle sounds

Vanuatu vs. Cook Islands - Match Summary Download PDF

Updated On Sunday, October 03, 2010