Amicale 5 - 1 Lautoka

Amicale have beaten Lautoka 5-1 in Group A of the 2011 O-League at PVL Stadium in Port Vila, Vanuatu today.

The weekend's remaining O-League fixture sees New Zealand rivals Auckland City and Waitakere United clash tomorrow afternoon.

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The starting line-ups:

Amicale: 1. Ernest BONG (GK), 3. Young PAUL, 5. Richard ANISUA, 6. Nelson SALE KILIFA, 7. Jean ROBERT YOULOU, 11. Fenedy MASAUVAKALO, 13. Gibson DAUDAU, 15. Alphonse BONGNAIM, 17. Alick MAEMAE, 19. Jack WETNEY, 25. Stanley WAITA

Lautoka: 1. Ali CEM (GK), 2. Krishna SAMY, 3. Alvin AVINESH, 5. Siga ALI, 7. Valerio NAWATU, 9. Leone VURUKANIA, 10. Sanni ISSA, 11. Adam BELCAID, 13. Yavz EKINCI, 16. Mohammed MANSARAY

The match kicks off

1' Masauvakalo hits the first shot of the match from a Daudau pass for Amicale but can't find the target

3' Paul shoots for Amicale but the shot is saved by Lautoka keeper Cem

7' GOAL!!! Amicale 1, Lautoka 0 Masauvakalo opens the scoring for Amicale after a great pass from Wetney

10' Wetney finds Daudau with another fine pass but the offside flag is raised

12' Masauvakalo has another great chance to score but Cem makes a good save

15' SUBSTITUTION: Lautoka make an early change when Mansaray is replaced by Avindra Naidu

17' Maemae latches on to a Masauvakalo pass for Amicale and shoots but Cem again pulls off a smart stop

18' Daudau has another good opportunity after linking well with Maemae but Cem makes yet another excellent save and is keeping his side in the game at the moment

19' YELLOW CARD: Samy is cautioned for Lautoka after a challenge on Wetney

20' Lautoka finally launch an attack of their own through Nawatu but Bongnaim defends well for Lautoka and the ball goes out for a corner

21' The ball quickly breaks to the other end where Masavakalo fails to capitalise on another good chance

22' Lautoka have their second attempt on goal when Issa tries his luck but his shot sails over the bar

24' RED CARD: Amicale are reduced to 10 men when Paul is sent off for a foul on Nawatu

27' Losing a player does not seem to have had much of an effect on Amicale and they are still producing good football

29' GOAL!!! Lautoka 2, Amicale 0: Amicale go further in front when Maemae finishes off a Masauvakalo pass

29' YELLOW CARD: Maemae is cautioned after removing his shirt to celebrate the goal

32' Maemae squanders an opportunity to score his second and the third of the match

33' GOAL!!! Amicale 3, Lautoka 0: Amicale do have a third when Wetney gets on the end of a Maemae ball for a simple tap in

35' Naidu tries to get Lautoka back in the game but Anisua defends well for Amicale

38' YELLOW CARD: Nawatu is cautioned for Lautoka after he is adjudged to have dived in the box

39' Waita is in a good position to score Amicale's fourth but good defending from Lautoka skipper Issa denies him

41' Lautoka put pressure on the Amicale defence but Daudau makes a fine clearance

42' Amicale are dominating all aspects of the game and Lautoka will be keen to hear the halftime whistle

44' Nawatu sets off on a jinking run for Lautoka and shoots but his effort goes over the bar

45' Two minutes of injury time will be played

45' + 1' Masauvakalo misses another chance to get himself on the scoresheet again after Wetney picks him out in a promising position

45' + 2' GOAL!!! Amicale 4, Lautoka 0: The home side extend their lead even further just before the break when Masauvakalo links up well with Maemae to finally score his second

The first half comes to an end

The second half kicks off

46' SUBSTITUTION: Belcaid is replaced by Kamal Hassan at halftime for Lautoka

48' Masauvakalo tries to complete his hat-trick but hits his shot slightly to high and the ball goes just over the bar

50' Masauvakalo misses another chance after receiving a good pass from Waita

51' Lautoka have played some good football since the interval but, despite being a man down, Amicale are denying them goal scoring opportunities

52' SUBSTITUTION: Waita is replaced by Dereck Malas for Amicale

57' Lautoka have forced several corners in quick succession but the Amicale defence has so far kept them out

58' The Lautoka pressure almost pays off but Issa's effort is well cleared by Anisua

59' Substitute Malas finds Masauvakalo but Cem adds another save to what is quickly becoming a man-of-the-match performance

62' Nawatu has an attempt at goal for Lautoka but his shot goes over the bar

62' Lautoka continue to look more threatening and nearly score when Issa beats Daudau but can't find the target with his effort

65' Masauvakalo, Maemae and Malas join forces to carve out another Amicale opportunity but fail to take full advantage of it

68' GOAL!!! Lautoka 1, Amicale 4: Lautoka finally get on the scoresheet when Daudau handles in the box and Avinesh converts the spot kick

75' SUBSTITUTION: Maemae is replaced by Richard Garae for Amicale

77' Substitute Hassan takes a shot at goal for Lautoka but it goes wide

82' SUBSTITUTION: Anisua is replaced by Bisili Lenson for Amicale

85' RED CARD: Samy is sent off for Lautoka after receiving his second caution

89' GOAL!!! Amicale 5, Lautoka 1: Masauvakalo finally completes his hat-trick when he receives the ball from Wetney and embarks on a run from halfway before finishing past Cem

90' Four minutes of injury time will be played

The final whistle is blown

Updated On Saturday, February 26, 2011