Fiji 0 - 3 Vanuatu

Vanuatu have beaten Fiji 3-0 in the second match on day seven of the OFC U-17 Championship at North Harbour Stadium. In the earlier Group A game, New Zealand beat American Samoa 4-0.

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The starting line-ups:

Fiji: 1. Senirusi BOKINI (GK) (c), 2. Seteraki HUGHES, 3. Filipe BARAVILALA, 6. Jale DRELOA, 7. Narendra RAO, 9. Joseph TURAGABECI, 11. Al-taaf SAHIB, 12. Manasa NAWAKULA, 13. Vineel NAIDU, 14. Iosefo VEREVOU, 17. Arkam HUSSAIN

Vanuatu: 1. Selonie IARUEL (GK), 2. Raoul COULON, 3. Jais MALSARANI, 5. Channell OBED, 6. Jelene WAIWAI, 8. Barry MANSALE, 9. Santino MERMER, 10. Abraham ROQUARA (c), 11. Jean KALTAK, 12. Steve LOLTEN, 19. Tony KALTAK

The match kicks off

5' The game has begun in even fashion with both sides seeing plenty of the ball

13' Fiji have enjoyed a spell of pressure in the last few minutes but failed to create any clear-cut opportunities

15' Manasa Nawakula has a good chance for Fiji after Seteraki Hughes breaks down the left and crosses but Nawakula can't get a good connection and goalkeeper Selonie Iaruel makes a simple save

20' Vineel Naidu crosses to Iosefo Verevou but it goes too deep and Iaruel catches the ball

24' Much of the play is being conducted in midfield as each side struggles to take control of the game

28' Jean Kaltak has a free kick in a promising position for Vanuatu but drags his shot wide of the target

29' It's a scorching hot day here again in Auckland but both these sides should be used to the heat

31' Santino Mermer is the next to try his luck for Vanuatu but his shot from outside the box is blocked

32' Abraham Roquara hits a Vanuatu corner to Barry Mansale but he can't keep his shot down and it goes over the bar

33' Vineel Naidu receives the ball on the edge of the area from a corner for Fiji but strikes his effort straight at Iaruel

35' Jean Kaltak tries to find Steve Lolten with a through ball on the left but it is hit too hard and goes out for a goal kick

38' This is proving to be a very even contest and the result is looking like it could go either way

40' Vanuatu have a free kick in a great position but attempt a tricky step over move that goes wrong and the ball is given away by Jean Kaltak

43' Nawakula crosses from the right for Fiji but it goes harmlessly behind the goal

The first half comes to an end

The second half kicks off

48' The second period has picked up in much the same place the first left off - with the side sharing the ball and finding it hard to create any good opportunities

50' YELLOW CARD: Barry Mansale is cautioned for Vanuatu

53' SUBSTITUTION: Manasa Nawakula is replaced by Soheb Sheik for Fiji

54' GOAL!!! Vanuatu 1, Fiji 0: The Kaltak brothers combine to great effect when Tony breaks down the right and slides the ball across for Jean to emphatically smash it home

57' Vanuatu almost have their second goal of the afternoon when captain Roquara finds Steve Lolten and he strikes the post

60' Play is held up after Jean Kaltak and Fiji's Jale Dreola crash into each other and are injured

62' Both players recover and the action gets back underway

65' SUBSTITUTION: Narend Rao is replaced by Nickel Chand for Fiji

69' Fiji are showing plenty of desire to get back into the game but are finding chances hard to come by

70' Fiji goalkeeper Senirusi Bokini makes a great save from a Jean Kaltak shot

71' SUBSTITUTION: Steve Lolten is replaced by Michel Coulon for Vanuatu

75' Al-taaf Sahib hits a curling free kick at goal for Fiji but Iaruel makes a comfortable save

77' GOAL!!! Vanuatu 2, Fiji 0: Jean Kaltok grabs his second of the game when he runs onto a Roquara pass and tucks the ball under the advancing Bokini

79' Sahib bends another free kick at goal but Iaruel tips it over the bar

79' SUBSTITUTION: Tony Kaltak is replaced by George Mahit for Vanuatu

82' Bokini palms a Michel Coulon chip onto the bar in spectacular fashion

85' Fiji are running out of time to keep their tournament hopes alive and it will take something special to salvage anything out of this game

86' Vanuatu 3, Fiji 0: Vanuatu make sure of the points when a superb ball from Abraham Roquara puts substitute George Mahit in on goal and he goes round Bokini before sliding the ball home

89' SUBSTITUTION: Santino Mermer is replaced by Andre Kalselik for Vanuatu

90' Three minutes of injury time will be played

The final whistle is blown

Updated On Friday, January 14, 2011