Solomon Islands 2 - 1 Fiji

Solomon Islands have beaten Fiji 2-1 to reach the men's final at the XIV Pacific Games.

See below the play-by-play action.

Starting line-ups:

Solomon Islands:
1. Shadrack RAMONI (GK), 4. Tome FAISI, 5. Samson TAKAYAMA, 6. Nelson SALE, 9. Benjamin TOTORI, 13. Mostyn BEUI, 15. Seni NGAVA, 16. James NAKA, 17. Abraham INIGA, 18. Henry FA'ARODO (c), 19. Joses NAWO
Coach: Jacob MOLI

1. Simione TAMANISAU (GK) (c), 2. Avinesh SWAMY, 4. Seveci ROKOTAKALA, 5. Pene ERENIO, 7. Pita BOLAITOGA, 8. Alvin SINGH, 9. Malakai TIWA, 12. Alvin AVINESH, 13. Maciu DUNADAMU, 16. Ilaitia TUILAU, 17. Malakai KAINIHEWE
Coach: Gurjit SINGH

Referee: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant referee 1: David CHARLES (PNG)
Assistant referee 2: Teri Piri (COK)
4th official: Kader ZITOUNI (FRA)

The match kicks off.

1' Free-kick for Fiji, Avinesh Swamy takes it and Malakai Tiwa commits a foul on Shadrak Ramoni.

4' Maciu Dunadamu's shot is catched by Ramoni.

8' Tome Faisi passes to Abraham Iniga but the pass is wide.

8' Abraham Iniga is offside.

9' Malakai Kainihewe's header finds the Ramoni's hands.

12' Long range shot from Rokotakala is saved.

13' Good chance for Fiji with Dunadamu who tries to chip the ball but over the crossbar.

14' SUBSTITUTION Samson Takayama is replaced by Timothy Joe for Solomon Islands.

15' Dunadamu shoots a volley over the bar.

18' Pita Bolaitoga commits a foul.

21' Malakai Tiwa commits a foul.

24' Avinesh Swamy shoots wide.

26' Dangerous free-kick for Fiji but the referee whistles offside.

27' Cross from James Naka and finds a corner. The defense clears the corner.

29' YELLOW CARDS Maciu Dunadamu is cautionned for Fiji and Timothy Joe is cautioned for Solomon Islands.

30' Avinesh Swamy shoots wide.

32' Free-kick for Solomon Islands just outside the box. Fa'arodo takes it but misses the target.

34' Seveci Rokotakala misses the net from the penalty spot.

39' Tiwa's header is just over the crossbar.

41' Benjamin Totori falls into the box, no whistle from the referee.

41' Dunadamu takes his chance inside the box but he shoots wide.

43' Dunadamu shoots and Ramoni saves well.

44' James Naka shoots wide.

One minute additional time.

The referee whistles the end of the first half.

The second half kicks off.

48' Free-kick for Fiji. Avinesh Swamy takes it and Ramoni is pushed, the referee whistles a foul for Solomon Islands.

49' Alvin Singh receives treatment for an injury.

51' SUBSTITUTION Alvin Singh limps off and is replaced by Jone Vesikula for Fiji

54' SUBSTITUTION An injured Pita Bolaitoga is replaced by Archie Watkins for Fiji.

58' Best chance of the game for Solomon Islands, Totori shoots straight at the goalkeeper from eight yards.

64' YELLOW CARD Seni Ngava is cautioned for a dangerous tackle for Solomon Islands.

65' Fiji's Malakai's header misses the target from a Swamy free-kick.

69' GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 0 Fiji 1 Maciu Dunadamu scores after Archie Watkins knocks the ball down with his chest.

71' SUBSTITUTION Abraham Iniga is replaced by Joe Lui for Solomon Islands.

73' Corner for Fiji, but the defense clear the ball.

75' Joses Nawo's shot is just over the bar.

77' GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 1 Fiji 1 Fiji goalkeeper Simione Tamnisau comes off his line to clear the ball but Joses Nawo beats him to it and scores from a tight angle.

81' The Solomon Islands defence clears after a scramble on the edge of the box.

89' YELLOW CARD Pene Erenio is cautioned for Fiji.

90' Two minutes of injury time will be played

90+2' YELLOW CARD Seveci Rokotakala is cautioned for Fiji.

The referee brings the second half to an end.

The first half of extra time kicks off.

92' PENALTY The referee whistles a penalty for Solomon Islands

93' GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 2 Fiji 1 Henry Fa'arodo converts the penalty.

105' Tamanisau makes a great save to win his one-on-one against Totori.

106' SUBSTITUTION Jone Vesikula is replaced by Lorima Dau for Fiji.

107' Archie Watkins shoots but misses the target.

End of the first half of extra time.

The second half of extra time kicks off.

110' James Naka chips the ball towards goal but Tamanisau catches the effort.

111' Joses Nawo scores for Solomon Islands but is flagged for offside.

119' James Naka's shot hits the post.

120+1' YELLOW CARD Lorima Dau is cautioned for Fiji.

The referee whistles the end of extra time.

Updated On Wednesday, September 07, 2011