Tonga 0 - 3 Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea have beaten Tonga 3-0 in Group B on day six of the OFC Women's Nations Cup 2010.

See below for all the play-by-play action.

The starting line-ups:

Tonga: 1. Lupe LIKILIKI (GK), 2. Sofia FILO (c), 3. Emelita MOALA, 4. Anne Marie TAUKAPO, 5. Kiana MU'AMOHOLEVA, 6. Atelaite MANU, 7. Fololeni SIALE, 8. Mele SOAKAI, 9. Penateti FEKE, 10. Heilala LOTO'ANIU, 18. Alamoni VUNGAMOEAHI

Papua New Guinea: 18. Fidelma WATPORE (GK), 3. Miriam LANTA, 5. Dorcas SESEVO, 6. Jenisa ULENGIT, 7. Edna THOMAS, 8. Honekaii LINAH, 9. Daisy WINAS, 11. Zeen LIMBAI, 13. Samantha PENINSA, 14. Caroline MOEDER, 15. Deslyne SINIU (c)

The match kicks off

3' The game has begun in even fashion with both sides seeing plenty of the ball

5' Mele Soakai breaks for Tonga but the attack comes to nothing

7' The play has settled into a strangely subdued pattern with both sides looking a little flat

9' Both sides are yet to create a clear-cut chance and the play is largely being restricted to the midfield

10' There is no reason why either side can't play plenty of good football today. The weather is perfect with no wind and plenty of sunshine and the artificial turf offers a perfect playing surface

10' Zeen Limbai sets off on a run down the right but her pull-back from the byline is cut out by Tonga goalkeeper Lupe Likiliki at chest height

12' Papua New Guinea have launched a few attacks now but are yet to carve out a real opening

13' Papua New Guinea earn a free kick in a great position to cross on the left after Daisy Winas is fouled but the ball is put out for a goal kick

15' Kiana Mu'amoholeva runs onto a through ball down the right for Tonga but her cross is cut out and goes out for a corner

16' The corner goes out for a goal kick which goalkeeper Linda Bunaga launches down the other end for a counter attack that Limbai gets on the end of and nearly goes around Likiliki

18' Limbai again has another one-on-one that she nearly scores from

20' Likiliki charges from her area to clear a Papua New Guinea through ball

21' Tonga have a shout for a penalty when Mu'amoholeva is challenged in the box by keeper Bunaga but the free kick is given the other way

22' The muscular Mu'amoholeva has looked Tonga's best player so far and has been their most dangerous attacking threat from her position wide on the right

22' Mele Soakai is caught offside for Tonga

25' Papua New Guinea are enjoying slightly more of the ball but Tonga are certainly not being outclassed

28' GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 1, Tonga 0: Limbai runs onto a bouncing through ball and toe pokes it under Likiliki

29' Limbai is injured in the process and has to hobble off the field

32' The Papua New Guinea physio has worked some magic and Limbai now appears fit to play again as she jogs back onto the pitch

34' Having shaken off the injury, Limbai continues to look dangerous and her pace is causing the Tonga defence problems

34' Samantha Peninsa has a good chance to score for Papua New Guinea at the back post from a cross but can't get her header on target

37' A melee ensues on the edge of the Tonga box but none of the Papua New Guinea players can get a shot away

39' Daisy Winas cuts onto her right foot on the left side of the Tonga box and has a crack but the shot is blocked

40' Edna Thomas tries a speculative strike at goal from 40 yards but the ball loops well over the bar

42' Tonga haven't really looked like scoring and must find a way to create some chances if they want to get back into the game

44' Tonga have three corners in a row but fail to fashion a shot at goal from any of them

45' Fololeni Siale hits a free kick high over the Papua New Guinea goal for Tonga

45' Likiliki charges off her line to clear a through ball for Tonga and is hurt in the process. Play is held up while she receives treatment

The referee brings an end to the first half

The second half kicks off

46' SUBSTITUTION: Both teams make a change at half-time, Mu'amoholeva being replaced by Vasi Feke for Tonga and Rumona Morris coming on for Daisy Winas for Papua New Guinea

48' Tonga win a corner and the ball is swung across the face of goal but no one can supply the finishing touch. The ball goes out for another corner which Papua New Guinea clear

50' Limbai hits a long range free kick at goal for Papua New Guinea but it doesn't have enough power to trouble Likiliki

53' Siale tries to slip a through ball behind the Papua New Guinea defence but it is cut out

60' SUBSTITUTION: Jenisa Ulengit is replaced by Kathrina Salaiau for Papua New Guinea

61' GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 2, Tonga 0: Limbai scores her second when she cuts in on the left hand side of the box and smacks a low shot past Likiliki

63' Tonga have not been much of an attacking threat in this half and now face a real uphill battle to get back into the game

69' Tonga have not really increased their urgency since the goal and look resigned to going out of the tournament

71' Heilala Loto'aniu sets off on a run down the left for Tonga but miscontrols the ball and it rolls out for a goal kick

71' Papua New Guinea break quickly through the dangerous Limbai and she tries to complete her hat-trick with a shot from the right hand side of the box which flies across the face of goal

74' GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 3, Tonga 0: Papua New Guinea go three goals in front when Tonga goalkeeper Likiliki spills the ball into her net for an own goal from a Limbai corner

79' Feke nearly scores for Tonga with a left foot shot after running onto a through ball but keeper Bunaga palms it away

79' SUBSITUTION: Sandra Birum replaces Limbai for Papua New Guinea

81' SUBSTITUTION: Atelaite Manu is replaced by Pauline Tonga for Tonga

84' Tonga will now have to do something special indeed to rescue anything from this game

87' Siale releases Loto'aniu with a great pass down the left but her cross is gathered easily by Papua New Guinea keeper Bunaga

90' Three minutes of injury time will be played

The final whistle sounds

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Updated On Monday, October 04, 2010