Solomon Islands 6 -1 Tuvalu

Solomon Islands have beaten Tuvalu in their men's Group A match at Rivière Salée in Nouméa at the XIV Pacific Games.

See below the play-by-play action.

Starting line-ups:

Solomon Islands:
1. Shadrack RAMONI (GK), 3. Timothy JOE, 6. Nelson SALE , 8. George SURI, 9. Benjamin TOTORI, 10. Joe LUI, 13. Mostyn BEUI, 15. Seni NGAVA, 16. James NAKA, 18. Henry FA'ARODO (c), 19. Joses NAWO
Coach: Jacob MOLI

1. Katepu SIENI (GK), 5. Ali TAKATAKA, 8. Okilani TINILAU, 10. James LEPAIO, 13. Togavai STANLEY, 14. Raj SOGIVALU, 16. Jelly SELAU, 18. Meauma PETAIA, 19. Akelei LIMAALOFA, 20. Lopati OKELANI, 24. Joshua TAPASEI (c).
Coach: Foppe DE HAAN

Referee: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant referee 1: PAUL AHUPU (TAH)
Assistant referee 2: David CHARLES (PNG)
4th official: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)

The match kicks off.

6' Togavai Stanley takes the shot from outside the box but too high to worry the goalkeeper Shadrack Ramoni.

11' Free-kick for Solomon Islands, the striker misses the target.

14' Lopati Okelani battles and intercepts the ball in the midfield but the defender comes back to stop the action.

15' GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 1 Tuvalu 0 Bejamin Totori scores a direct free-kick.

19' Henry Fa'arodo crosses but the defense clears the ball.

20' Long ball from Fa'arodo to Totori, Totori crosses and finds James Naka but the goalkeeper saves.

22' First opportunity for Tuvalu with Joshua Tapasei who tackles the ball but misses the target.

23' GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 2 Tuvalu 0 Joe Lui scores with a shot from inside the box.

26' YELLOW CARD Henry Fa'arodo is cautioned.

27' James Lepaio shoots from the 30 metres but the shot is too hight to worry the goalkeeper.

28' Katepu Sieni does a good save in front of the Solomon Islands striker.

34' Ali katakata's shot is too wide.

35' Seni Ngava's corner kick is cleared by the Tuvalu defense.

36' Lopati Okelani's cross doesn't find any teammate.

37' GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 3 Tuvalu 0 James Naka scores with a shot after receiving the ball from Totori.

40' PENALTY Ther referee whistles a penalty for Solomon Islands.

41' GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 4 Tuvalu 0 Benjamin Totori converts the penalty.

44' Totori's cross doesn't find anbody in front of the Tuvalu goal.

The referee brings the first half to an end.

46' SUBSTITUTION Jelly Selau is replaced by Alamoana Tofuola for Tuvalu.

The second half kicks off.

46' GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 5 Tuvalu 0 James Naka scores.

52' James Naka's shot misses the target.

55' Joses Nawo's shot is above the crossbar.

57' Benjamin Totori's shot is too high to worry the goalkeeper.

62' Henry Fa'arodo's direct free-kick finds the goalkeeper's hands.

66' A pass to Totori in back of the defense but he is whistled offside.

66' SUBSTITUTION Akelei Limaalofa is repaced by Vaisuva Liva for Tuvalu.

67' SUBSTITUTION Joe Lui is replaced by Abraham Iniga for Solomon Islands.

69' YELLOW CARD Captain Joshua Tapasei is cautioned.

71' Henry Fa'arodo's shot is well saved by the goalkeeper.

76' SUBSTITUTION Benjamin Totori is replaced by Ian Paia for Solomon Islands.

78' GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 5 Tuvalu 1 James Lepaio scores with a shot into the goal corner.

83' SUBSTITUTION Nelson Sale is replaced by Tome Faisi for Solomon Islands.

88' SUBSTITUTION Joshua Tapasei is replaced by Etimoni Timuani for Tuvalu.

Three minutes additional time.

90+1' GOAL !!! Solomon Islands 6 Tuvalu 1 Tome Faisi scores.

The referee whistles the end of the game.

Updated On Saturday, September 03, 2011