Tahiti 2 - 1 Fiji

Tahiti have won the men's bronze medal at the XIV Pacific Games after beating Fiji 2-1 at Stade Boewa in Boulari in the 3rd/4th play-off.

See below for all the play-by-play action.

The starting line-ups were as follows:

Tahiti: 1. Xavier SAMIN (GK) (c), 2. Stephane FAATIARAU, 3. Vetea TEPA, 5. Teheivarii LUDIVION, 6. Donavan BOUREBARE, 7. Garry ROCHETTE, 8. Jonathan TEHAU, 11. Lorenzo TEHAU, 13. Steevy CHONG HUE, 14. Stanley ATANI, 17. Sebastian LABAYEN
Coach: Eddy ETAETA

Fiji: 20. Benaminio MATEINAQARA (GK), 2. Avinesh SWAMY, 4. Seveci ROKOTAKALA, 5. Pene ERENIO, 9. Malakai TIWA, 11. Roy KRISHNA (c), 12. Alvin AVINESH, 13. Maciu DUNADAMU, 14. Taniela WAQA, 16. Ilaitia TUILAU, 17. Malakai KAINIHEWE
Coach: Gurjit SINGH

Referee: Bertrand BILLION (NCL)
Assistant referee 1: Michael JOSEPH (VAN)
Assistant referee 2: Noel BERRY (SOL)
4th official: Isidore ASSIENE-AMBASSA (FRA)

The match kicks off

3' Stanley Atani knocks over the first cross of the match for Tahiti but it goes behind the goal

5' GOAL!!! Tahiti 1 - Fiji 0: Atani opens the scoring when goalkeeper Benaminio Mateinaqara saves his shot but the winger heads in the rebound

9' Garry Rochette can't quite get on the end of a Lorenzo Tehau cross for Tahiti

10' Tahiti win a free kick in a dangerous position when Tehau is fouled on the edge of the box

11' Rochette takes the free kick and the Fiji wall deflects it over the bar

11' Tahiti miss a glorious chance when Steevy Chong Hue somehow puts a Tehau pullback past the near post

12' YELLOW CARD: Malakai Tiwa is cautioned for Fiji

14' Taniela Waqa shoots from long range for Fiji but the ball fizzes wide

15' Captain Roy Krishna misses a great chance to score when he can't beat goalkeeper Xavier Samin from just a couple of yards out

16' Mateinaqara gathers a Sebastian Labayen cross

18' Rochette is injured for Tahiti and has to leave the field to receive treatment

18' Malakai Kainihewe heads a Avinesh Swamy free kick wide of the Tahiti goal

18' Rochette comes back onto the field and appears fine

22' Lorenzo Tehau takes a volley on his chest and shoots on the turn but his effort is too high

27' Atani breaks down the left for Tahiti but can't find a team mate with his pullback

29' A deep Tahiti free kick from Vetea Tepa finds its way all the way through to Mateinaqara

31' Tahiti have a free kick in a promising position on the left

31' Labayen bends the free kick into the box but Mateinaqara punches it away and referee Bertrand Billion blows for a foul on the goalkeeper anyway

32' Mateinaqara leaves his line to claim a sliced Tepa cross

35' Samin has to come out to deal with a Alvin Avinesh free kick

37' YELLOW CARD: Vetea Tepa is cautioned for Tahiti

39' Roy Krishna is injured in the Tepa challenge and has the leave the field to receive treatment but comes back on moments later

40' Maciu Dunadamu can't turn home a Taniela Waqa cross for Fiji

43' RED CARD: Seveci Rokotakala is sent off for Fiji

45' YELLOW CARD: Roy Krishna is cautioned for Fiji

45' Two minutes of injury time will be played

45' + 2' YELLOW CARD: Alvin Avinesh is cautioned for Fiji

The first half comes to an end

The second half kicks off

46' Samin tips a curling Avinesh Swamy corner over the bar

47' Taniela Waqa heads the following corner from Roy Krishna wide

49' Samin spills a Waqa cross at his near post but Malakai Tiwa can't force the loose ball home

50' Fiji goalkeeper Benaminio Mateinaqara makes a routine save from a Lorenzo Tehau shot

52' YELLOW CARD: Malakai Kainihewe is cautioned for Fiji

53' Krishna swivels in the box and shoots but drags his effort wide

56' YELLOW CARD: Taniela Waqa is cautioned for Fiji

58' GOAL!!! Fiji 1 - Tahiti 1: Alvin Avinesh turns home a corner at the far post with the help of a deflection

60' Lorenzo Tehau breaks forward for Tahiti but shoots straight at Mateinaqara

62' SUBSTITUTION: Malakai Kainihewe is replaced by Lorima Dau for Fiji

64' Tahiti miss a great chance to take the lead again when Steevy Chong Hue puts a Lorenzo Tehau pass wide from right in front of goal

65' GOAL!!! Tahiti 2 - Fiji 1: Tahiti do go in front when Tehau is played in on goal and coolly slots the ball past Mateinaqara

67' Stanley Atani goes down injured for Tahiti but is soon back on his feet and play restarts

70' Avinesh Swamy finds the target with a free kick but Samin makes a routine save

73' SUBSTITUTION: Ilaitia Tuilau is replaced by Esava Naqaleca for Fiji

73' YELLOW CARD: Garry Rochette is cautioned for Tahiti

74' SUBSTITUTION: Lorenzo Tehau is replaced by Hiroana Poroiae for Tahiti

75' Mateinaqara leaves his goal exposed when he comes out and fails to clear but Rochette can't find the target with his long range effort

79' Jonathan Tehau is injured for Tahiti and has to leave the field to receive treatment

80' Tahiti are back to the full compliment as Tehau returns to the field

83' Rochette nearly gets in on goal for Tahiti but the offside flag is raised

85' Johnathan Tehau is in the wars again and has to leave the field once more but quickly returns to the fold

87' Steevy Chong Hue is replaced by Taufa Neuffer for Tahiti

90' Four minutes of injury time will be played

90' + 1' Fiji goalkeeper Mateinaqara comes up for a corner but doesn't get to the ball and has to race back

The final whistle is blown

Updated On Friday, September 09, 2011