OFC on Facebook

The eagerly anticipated official Oceania Football Confederation Facebook page was launched in 2010 and was the first step in our dynamic social media strategy. Since launch, over 10,500 fans across Oceania and the world have liked the page but we’re eager to gain more.

What is Facebook?
While Facebook is very popular worldwide, for many fans in the Oceania region, Facebook is a relatively new platform that operates like a community notice board for all football-related activities in our respective member associations, hence why we’ve engaged with this medium closely. Facebook is a free global social networking website that allows millions of people across the world to keep in contact and up to date with friends, groups, companies, sports teams and in our case, the football governing body in Oceania, the Oceania Football Confederation.

What are the official Facebook pages of the OFC?
The OFC has one official Facebook page available for fans and stakeholders to keep up to date with all the latest news, images, video and discourse across the Oceania region concerning football activities. We also have a social responsibility branch where we cover the OFC Just Play Programme. You can find the links to our Facebook pages below:
1. Oceania Football Confederation here
2. Just Play here

What do you post?
On a regular day, we tend to post three or four different posts of a variety of types to match the key times for when you all tend to be online. We tend to change that on competition Match Days or when there are big news stories where we might have a bit more information for you. We'll bring you the latest news, behind the scenes pictures, Match Day galleries and discussions on all things OFC. We hope that you enjoy what we are posting, but we always want to hear from you if you have any suggestions, so please get in touch.

Will you reply to me?
Yes - as with our other social media channels, we have staff who are online throughout most of the day and can answer any direct questions you may have. We won't comment on any kind of speculations.

Will you post all news from the official OFC website?
Yes - we want to inform the football fans of all OFC activities through our media and social media network. Facebook is also the place where you can discuss and share views on the news posted. Our philosophy for the Facebook page is that wherever possible, everything is a question, after all, the page is for you and fans across the world to use to discuss all things OFC with other fans, wherever they may be.

Do you moderate the content?
Yes - the Facebook page is open to fans of all ages, from all walks of life and many different countries across the world. Due to this, we want to make sure anything that could be deemed offensive is removed from view. We have staff who are online throughout the day to watch where conversations are heading and to remove any comments that need to be removed.

Where has my comment gone?
We want to actively encourage discussion and for fans to discuss their views on a series of different matters relating to OFC, however at times we do need to remove comments.

The type of things that we remove or are automatically removed are as follows:
(i) We don't allow any use of profanity.
(ii) We don't allow personal abuse of teams, players, staff or fans.
(iii) We don't allow posting of URLs (unless we deem them to be relevant to discussion).
(iv) We don't allow for posting of links or discussion of places where fans can watch illegal streams of matches.

I have more questions If you have any questions then please get in touch with us and we’ll reply as soon as we can. Also, if you have an idea for how we could improve our social media presence or ways of engaging with the fans or if there’s anything that just really annoys you then get in touch.

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