Social Responsibility


The OFC has a long track record of success in the area of Social Responsibility and runs a number of programmes designed to play a driving role in social development in the Oceania region.

The OFC approach to social responsibility is structured and designed to both create and retain long-term benefits for society through football.

The OFC social responsibility programmes strive for antidiscrimination and diversity, social integration and reconciliation, active and healthy lifestyles, implementing football for everyone as well as funding an important series of football foundations and charity programmes.

In addition to the core partnerships, OFC also works with a selection of associated partners. No less important, these key relationships are event and communications related or focus on long-term development and sustainability.

For more information on the OFC's respective social responsibility initiatives see below.

Just Play is a Sport for Development (S4D) programme with four objectives
1. To increase healthy lifestyle choices and to reduce the risk factors associated with NCDs
2. To promote gender equality and change perceptions towards women & girls and to create opportunities & pathways to promote empowerment among women and girls
3. To increase opportunities for persons with special needs, encourage social inclusion of persons with special needs and to promote a change of perception towards persons with special needs in the wider community
4. To promote child protection

Pacific Youth and Sports Conference is a tool for youth to develop and pursue social projects in their communities.

The objectives of the conference have 3 stages:

Before the conference each Head of Delegation will prepare their youth delegates, build their capacity to engage at the conference and encourage and motivate them to play a role in their community.

During the conference, participants will:
- Increase their knowledge on health, education and social inclusion challenges in their country,
- Know how to use sport for development to tackle these issues,
- Share their best practices and work on developing projects to implement after the conference.
- Build projects after the conference, in partnership with their government, NGOs, youth & sport organisations, participants will take ownership of the projects developed during their conference to tackle social issues that affect them; they will implement, monitor and evaluate these projects.

Football for Life embodies OFC’s commitment to social development in the Pacific region. Using the FIFA Football for Hope Movement as a model, Football for Life aims to finance and support humanitarian aid throughout Oceania’s communities.

The initiative was launched in 2007 to help those affected by a devastating tsunami that hit the Western Province of the Solomon Islands killing almost 50 people and leaving thousands more homeless. OFC organised two charity matches between New Zealand and Fiji and together with an appeal to FIFA helped to raise over $50,000 USD for the cause.