Player Development

The objective of the OFC player development programme is to promote, foster and develop football for all players in Oceania, creating a fun, safe and inclusive culture which inspires a lifelong love of the game.

From grassroots through to international competition, OFC has a range of programmes to assist its member associations to create a continuous connection between the player and the game, through age-appropriate activities with a balance of practice and competition.

The player development programme focuses in particular on the first steps the child takes in football, to ensure their initial experiences are enjoyable, challenging and provide them with the opportunity to reach their full potential in football, whether it be at participation, performance or high-performance level.

The programme encourages as much as possible, the child’s relationship with the ball and encourages playfulness and skill development.

OFC’s player development team works with its member associations to create a balanced football curriculum appropriate to the local context based on the following principles

Age specific development
Progression based on ability
Recognising key stages of development
Increased practice opportunity
Maximising potential
Meeting individual needs
Long term planning