OFC is committed to ensuring that it handles personal information following best practice and in a way that respects the privacy rights of individuals. To achieve this OFC has established an overall Privacy framework, which includes this External Privacy Policy (the Policy).

This Policy sets out OFC’s procedures for the collection, use, retention and disclosure of personal information and is intended to be a source of information for those who may provide personal information to OFC. OFC encourages you to read this Policy in depth to assist you in making informed decisions about sharing your personal information on this platform.

OFC is guided by the following privacy principles when managing personal information:

  • Purpose: personal information is only collected for a specific, legitimate reason.
  • Respect and Care: personal information is used for a lawful basis in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 (Privacy Act) and our obligations under it.
  • Data Minimisation: only the personal information we need is collected and used.
  • Transparency: OFC is open and transparent about what and how personal information is collected, processed and shared.
  • Choice and Control: OFC provides individuals with the choice to provide OFC with their personal information and respects their right to control and access their information where appropriate.
  • Confidentiality Integrity and Availability: OFC uses technical and organisation safeguards to protect personal information.

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