The OFC Education Centre has been established to provide each member association with an educational institute where participants can receive OFC-recognised training and qualification in coaching, refereeing, sport administration and management, sport medicine and fitness, high performance and elite development, club management and development and event management.

By aligning all courses across all member associations, OFC can provide a more comprehensive strategy for the future, a clear pathway for participants and qualification which is transferrable across OFC’s eleven member associations.

By training locally based educators to deliver the courses in their member associations, OFC is empowering leaders to contribute to the development of football at regional, national and community level.

Through centralised training of educator and local implementation, the OFC Education Centre aims to

  •                 Offer educational hubs and resources for the development of careers in football.
  •                 Upskill local volunteers to develop football in their communities
  •                 Encourage and guide players, coaches and volunteers to improve their abilities.
  •                 Provide a sustainable Oceania-wide educational network.


The curriculum for each topic is divided into four levels: foundation courses, certificated courses, licence courses and refresher courses, and participants gain regionally-recognised accreditation as they progress through the levels.