Women’s Football

FIFA’s Women’s Football Strategy identifies three key objectives: (1) Grow participation; (2) Enhance the commercial value; and (3) Build the foundations. As part of this strategy, FIFA highlighted five key pillars to help them achieve these objectives: (1) Develop and grow; (2) Showcase the game; (3) Communicate and commercialise; (4) Govern and lead; and (5) Educate and empower.

FIFA Women’s Football Strategy
FIFA Women’s Football Strategy Snapshot

Building on this vision, OFC reflects FIFA’s desire to strategically focus on these key areas, as outlined by the OFC 2019-2026 strategic plan: (1) Activities; (2) Capacity Building; (3) Resources; and (4) Policies. With this focus, OFC aims to use football as a tool for social, educational and cultural development, and similarly to FIFA, aspires to use the power of football to positively impact society.

The OFC 2019-2026 strategic plan outlines a clear objective for women’s football; to increase participation and have competitive member associations taking part in OFC and FIFA competitions. In order to achieve this objective, a key focus for OFC is to build the capacity of those working, or aspiring to work, in women’s football, in order to enhance the development and sustainability of women’s football, build stronger communities, and enhance the quality of life of girls and women throughout the region.

OFC ALL IN: Women’s Football Strategy 2027