Football Division


To use football as a tool for social, educational and cultural development so that it gives people a future perspective and opportunities for growth in the Oceania region.

  • By fostering the passion for football
  • By enhancing social and cultural awareness
  • By promoting education through football
  • By inspiring continuous development
  • By organising tailor-made activities and programmes
  • By providing opportunities and a pathway for all

In 2019 the OFC Football Development Strategy 2019-2026 was released with the following objectives:

  • To leave a legacy
  • Competitive member associations at OFC competitions
  • Competitive OFC teams at FIFA world cups

The strategy encompasses all the activities, capacity building programmes, resources and policies that have been designed to support our member associations (MAs) to be successful in the following football categories:

  • Education
  • Social Responsibility
  • Player Development
  •  Women’s Football
  • Goalkeeping
  •  Elite Football
  • Futsal
  • Beach Soccer
  • Refereeing