A key part of the ALL IN: OFC Women’s Football Strategy 2027 launched last year was to establish a Women’s Development Officer in every OFC Member Association. With that goal now achieved, we sit down to learn a little more about each of the women driving the growth of women’s football in our region.

This week, read up on Football Federation American Samoa (FFAS) Women’s Development Officer Donna Siliga.  

OFC: Tell us about yourself and background?  

DS: My name is Donna Simeamativa Siliga. I was born and raised in Samoa until the age of 12, before I was moved over to American Samoa by my parents. I have a partner and six children, my daughter is 15 and my sons are 7, 9, 10, 11 and 13. I also have two sisters and two brothers.  

What are some of the experiences you have in women’s football? 

Besides working as FFAS’s Women’s Development Officer I am also a referee for the federation. I was also trainer for the FFAS national women’s team at the South Pacific Games in 2018 and an assistant coach for the FFAS U-19 women’s team that same year.   

I aim to become a better referee and trainer to develop football in our national teams, clubs and in schools.  

How did you get involved with your MA’s women’s development role?  

I was unsuccessful the first time I applied but got the role later on. I took on this job to be a role model, not only to the women of American Samoa, but my own daughter and nieces.   

What are you hoping to bring to women’s development in your country?  

I hope to help get more women involved in football, including more experienced coaches, to help our national teams while we focus on grassroots development. I believe in myself and have a passion for women’s football. I will use my experiences to help make an impact on women across American Samoa.