FIFA, OFC and the Football Federation Samoa (FFS) joined forces to run the two-day workshop which was attended by 12 club members.
The workshop was part of the ‘Win in Oceania’ programme, an OFC and FIFA initiative that aims to leave a lasting legacy for OFC and its 11 member associations. Assisting FFS in conducting the workshop were Win in Oceania project manager Vairani Davio, FIFA development officer Glenn Turner and OFC deputy general secretary Greg Larsen.
The main aim was for clubs to increase their understanding of what the roles and functions of a club are, to support clubs in becoming legal entities, to provide assistance in setting up by-laws and to support the clubs in strengthening their internal structures.
“We are here to assist the clubs in becoming legal entities,” instructor Davio explained. “We would like to see the clubs be structured and well-managed according to good governance and in a transparent manner.”
Those taking part were also given the chance to hear from local club Kiwi Soccer on how they structure and manage their club. The presentation included Kiwi’s vision, development programmes, achievements and financial management structures.
Participant and president of Samoa’s Central United club Andy Ripley believes the workshop was very beneficial.
“It benefits our club to see the importance of having an organised structure and to become a legal entity,” he said.
“Right now, clubs mainly focus on short-term planning from year to year. This workshop encourages us to look into the future and plan over a longer period of time.”
FFS CEO Fred Young is very grateful for the assistance of OFC and FIFA in running the workshop and feels clubs in the country now have the tools to progress in the right direction.
“I believe the clubs have benefited a lot from this and, as a result, will become more efficient moving forward. It will also enhance the clubs’ capacity to govern themselves and maintain the standards of a well-functioning entity.”
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