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ASB Chatham Cup gets a facelift

Handmade from Stirling silver, the Chatham Cup was gifted to the then New Zealand Football Association by the crew of the HMS Chatham in 1922. Since it was first contested a year later, it has become the pinnacle of winter football with hundreds of clubs up and down the country setting their sights on lifting it every year.
The trophy – modelled on England’s FA Cup in both the appearance of the silverware and national knockout format of the competition – has seen its fair share of celebrations, and associated bangs and knocks, through 85 finals.
New Zealand Football Competitions Manager Chris Kemp says a touch of bodywork was overdue.
“Given what teams go through to get their hands on the ASB Chatham Cup and what it means to the football community, it’s only right to have her looking her best especially in the competition’s 90th year,” Kemp said.
To restore the ASB Chatham Cup to its full glory, NZF’s usual trophy supplier called in a specialist who preferred to retain his anonymity.
“He’s the best in the country at what he does and he’s been doing it for over 30 years but he is a private sort of chap,” said Wayne Painter of Apex Trophies.
“He can pick and chose the projects he takes on and I gave him a call to let him know we had something special to work on.”
“It’s a fantastic looking cup and it’s got a great history over those 90 years. I’ve seen many old trophies in here but none are as impressive.”
Painter, who is regularly called upon to engrave new a champion’s name into the silver, says it’s the first time he’s aware of the cup receiving such a cosmetic correction in its lifetime and it is well worth it.
“To replace the Chatham Cup you’d have to get it handmade in England for a princely sum and it would take a year to complete but the real value is in the history.”
The trophy will be returned prior to the semi finals on August 24, which see Melville United meet Waitakere City in Hamilton and Cashmere Technical host Wellington Olympic in Christchurch bidding for a place in the September 15 final.
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