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Four-year plan takes shape in Fiji

Fiji FA district affiliates, vice-presidents, technical and administration staff attended the three-day workshop which was led by FIFA Development Officer Glenn Turner.
Turner says the objective of the workshop was to draw up a plan which will be followed by Fiji FA in the next four years.
“It has to be four years or otherwise it will be making no sense going through the whole process. The plan will now be reviewed and some amendments will be made over the period of the four years but this plan has to be a tool for the staff working, the President and the executives because it is their plan,” Turner explained.
“It is not my plan. My role is to facilitate in terms of assisting in the documentation. The plan will be a simple one to follow and it is going to give more guidance and direction to the chief executive officer.”
Turner adds that the involvement of the various football stakeholders was vital for the planning.
“It has been a very positive workshop and I was very pleased. The district officials were being listened to and it has been confirmed that the districts are willing to work with Fiji FA,” he said.
Nadi FA vice-president Mohd Hafiz and chief executive officer Salen Kumar, who were both in attendance, believe the workshop has been a positive step towards the development of football in Fiji.
“The three-day workshop was a very educational one and will assist the district associations to work with Fiji FA in the development of football and administration. Nadi FA will take on board of all that was discussed at the workshop,” Kumar said.
Ba FA president Rishi Kumar labelled the workshop as a successful one and has called on for more workshops and seminars.
Fiji FA chief executive officer Bob Kumar says the plan will be documented and presented to the executive committee for approval before being implemented in the football system.
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