“We had such a wonderful turn out,” said DOE PE coordinator, Talataina Valusia Talataina. “I observed the teachers in action and have every faith tht they will take this newfound knowledge and implement Just Play to the fullest at their schools.”
Luvu, with assistance from Oney, held indoor and outdoor sessions with the teachers from the 10 schools being used for the Just Play Program organizing their own practical sessions.
The 10 schools running the Just Play Program for the current school year are Afonotele, A.P. Lutali elementary (Aunu’u), Aua, Coleman elementary (Pago Pago), Le’atele (Fagasa), Lupelele, Matatula, Matafao, Pava’ia’i and Tafuna,
“The good thing about this course is that some of these teachers have been involved in past Just Play workshops and implemented it in their school curriculum,” Luvu explained.
“With the new teachers, they received the information well and performed well in delivering it during the practical sessions.”
DOE PE representatives attending the course included Talataina and Clayton Mahuka.
Opening the course was FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua and DOE Representative Netini Sene.