Apia Tigers triumph

The Red Roosters missed a golden opportunity to take the lead within the first five minutes of the match when Argentinian Diego Nadaja was on goal.
But Apia pressed high and it paid off when striker Nicholas Olsen hit the back of the net in the 23rd minute. Nadaja was able to redeem his earlier error when he leveled the score just ahead of the break.
Apia continued their strongholding in the second half and were able to add two more goals in the last five minutes of the match courtesy of Nathan Milgate and Themba Muata Marlow.
Amicale President Andrew Leong congratulated Apia on their victory and spoke of the work Amicale will be doing to continue their preparations before the 2016 OFC Champions League in April.
Amicale won the first leg 2-0 thanks to goals from Nadaja and Fenedy Masauvakalo.
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