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Noukouan keen to offer more

With only ten women currently on the books in what is very much a male domain in New Caledonia, Noukouan is keen to prove herself.
“My experience will begin with youth matches,” she explains.
Something that Sukemi concurs, while also declaring support for her journey.
“She won’t be left out to dry,” he says.
“Her progress will be followed by the Southern Committeee during her first year, providing advice and having regular contact. She will need to register with a club of her choice where she will have a tutor.”
Noukouan herself is looking forward to being deeply involved in football on the Ile des Pins.
She is a talented cricketer with Kunie Espoir, one of the best teams in New Caledonia, and is also hugely passionate about football.
“I don’t miss a single men’s match when Kunie Espoir plays,” she says.
“And I’m disappointed that there isn’t a women’s senior team on the island, if there was I would play that’s for sure.”
Having chosen the match official path, Noukouan says she has some ideas on how to bring more women into the game.
“Football isn’t just for boys. There is a real potential here, the girls are talented and very serious. But we are missing administrators.
“I’m putting a call out to girls to become involved, either as educators or referees.:
Noukouane is incredibly keen to open more doors for women and she’s already walking the talk herself not only the steps she’s taking as a referee, but also as coach of the U-14 Kunie Espoir side as well as group of youths from her village of Kéré.
“My objective, with each of these roles, is to promote the sport and the value which comes with it.”
Helping Noukouane achieve her objective is Super Ligue club ASK, which will assist her development.
“It’s good to have a woman, it’s a plus for us,” says club vice-president Rock Koteureu.
“Finding themselves face-to-face with a woman helps channels the players, leading to greater restraint. Referee development is among the key objectives for the Fédération Calédonienne de Football.”
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Additional reporting courtesy of Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes

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