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Trio bolsters Just Play ranks

Celine Haapuea of Tahiti, Brendan Sanga from Papua New Guinea and Srijit TM of India have all joined the Just Play family, with Haapuea and Sanga receiving one-on-one training in Auckland, while TM’s training took place in India.
Following his introduction to OFC’s award-winning social responsibility programme, Sanga has returned home to Papua New Guinea and he’s keen to get things happening swiftly in the nation’s capital of Port Moresby.
“The training provided me with an insight into the OFC Just Play Programme, its logic model and the overall programme management plans and strategies,” Sanga says.
“The most interesting thing was how the programme was structured in using football as a tool to create change in the lives of children.
“Our aim now in PNG is to reach out to and have an impact on the masses of children out there in schools and the community.”
Sanga’s was the third of four project manager trainings which have been held in 2016. The first training was led by OFC Social Responsibility Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator Supriya Kulkarni-Padhye in January.
“The first training had a strong focus on improving efficiency with the six most experienced Just Play Project Managers. The training was interactive and participatory, and all aspects of the training were customised to suit each participant,” she explains.
“Logic models and M&E plans were developed for the Just Play team in each country.”
Kulkarni-Padhye says the project managers have already adapted their logic models to local conditions and are using the new methods they learned to deliver workshops in their respective countries.
The three remaining courses were all introductory level, after OFC Head of Social Responsibility and International Relations Franck Castillo took the level of understanding of each new project manager into consideration.
“We had to go back to basics and introduce the full programme before we could move into monitoring and evaluation,” Castillo explains.
“This was especially challenging because none of the three new project managers had first-hand experience in Just Play that they could relate the training messages to.
“Our new team members have all shown commitment and determination in understanding Just Play and by the end of their training, each had the knowledge and enthusiasm to make Just Play successful in their respective countries.
“2016 is a big year for Just Play, but our capacity building efforts will allow us to reach our goals and make a difference throughout the Pacific and beyond.”
About Just Play
The OFC Just Play Programme is a sport for development programme that helps children to grow, learn and explore through sport. Just Play gives a child a ball, a coach and a safe place to play.
The programme shows children how to have fun with other children, be physically active and become confident in their abilities. Through the integration of social messages, Just Play helps children to develop healthy lifestyle habits, encourages gender equality and leaders in the community, promotes social inclusion and insists on sport for all.
The OFC Just Play Programme is supported by the Australian Government, New Zealand Government, Football Federation Australia, UNICEF, and the UEFA Foundation for Children.
Just Play India is supported by the All India Football Federation, Kerala Football Association, Kerala Government, Football Federation Australia, the Australian Government, and the UEFA Foundation for Children.
For more information on the programme please visit: www.justplayofc.org

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