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The Cook Islands have been invited to compete in the FIFA qualifying round of the beach soccer cup, in Dubai. The tournament in the third week of May will see players from the Solomons, Vanuatu and New Zealand who are all first timers.

The Cooks as minnows will be preparing to take on the might of more established beach soccer countries.

Cook Islands Football Association president Lee Harmon says the experience will undoubtedly be a steep learning curve, but one, which the association takes into account as part of FIFA’s development of the world game.

Costs will be fully funded by FIFA. The locals will be organising a programme to look at the best players to compete in the tournament. The trials will narrow the selection for the national team and will be held at the CIFA academy in Matavera tomorrow at 5pm.

The following players are requested to attend the trials and others who may want to give it a shot are welcome;

Aturangi Putere, Teiva Tauira, John Pareanga, Tamore Tangata, Tuku Samuel, Ngatamaine Sila, Romeo Keu, Rouru Akarare, Anonga Tisam, Teariki Mateariki, Junior Rubena, Tuka Tisam, John Bataillard, Kunda Tom, Jack Sheik, Ngatama Tapena, Rua Henry, Eddie Brogan, Chris Dyer, Romano Moetaua, David Angene, Apii Angene, Roger Manuel, Eugene Tatuava, Geoffrey Strickland, Tyson Tekeu, Eddie Drollett, Grover Harmon and James Nand.

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