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Futsal picking up steam

With that in mind, the Federation Caledonienne de Football organised a three day OFC/FCF Futsal Development course for the teachers and coaches responsible for implementing the programme in intermediates and high schools.
Eight schools were represented at the joint OFC and FCF course run by OFC Futsal and Beach Soccer Development Officer Paul Toohey – College de Koutio, College Sainte-Marie de Paita, College d’Havila and College de Kone as well as Lycees Jules Garnier, Dokamo and Anova.
“The objective of this course was to work with the people responsible for the school football programmes and demonstrate the importance of futsal in the development of young footballers, particularly in relation to the principles of play” Toohey says.
“But also to meet the needs of players, because for sure more and more kids want to play futsal. If we are working in football and with young people, we need to be ready for this. I believe it was a fruitful three days because the participants not only believe in futsal, but are now more confident about designing futsal activities for their players and programmes.”
Toohey’s analysis of the workshop’s success was shared by FCF head of grassroots football Mathieu Delcroix, who is also responsible for the SSSFE programme.
“Our objective is to use football in the progressive learning, both individually and collectively, of the principles of the game that will serve the players well when moving into 11-a-side football,” Delcroix explains.
“The evidence is clear that smaller games, in general, add a lot of value.”
Part of the success that Toohey has seen come from the course is FCF’s commitment to creating a regular futsal season for young players, which fits with the Confederations’ push to see players introduced to the five-a-side game from an early age.
In addition to committing to creating a league, FCF has created a model for the practice of the game based on the work done by the group during the course.
The group has adapted the field and the rules of the game in respect to the age of the players and the environment, and the SSSFE staff is now set to implement the new model around the country.
The OFC/FCF Futsal Development Course was held from 7 to 9 April in Noumea, New Caledonia.
To view the flyer related to putting futsal into practice with youth click here
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