PNGFA President David Chung recently presented the 25-seater vehicle to the football academy and said it would help the association cut down the cost of transport, particularly with the National Soccer League (NSL) competition.
“Many times we hire buses and we spend a lot of money but now with the bus it will help us a great deal in the area of transport,” said President Chung.
Specifically, the bus will help to transport the PNGFA Besta United U-20 NSL franchise team and also visiting sides to Lae.
It represents the first batch of benefits under the Win in Oceania programme which has been outlined and agreed for release.
President Chung also recently delivered computers to Kimbe – New Britain Palm Oil soccer association. The computers are to help associations in the area of administration so that all data is kept up to date. Already four centres have received this benefit. Other member associations are expected to receive their computers soon.
The ‘Win in Oceania’ development programme is a three-year initiative that will leave a lasting legacy for OFC and its 11 member associations.
Launching in January 2009, the US$8million project aims to boost national competitions, improve infrastructure, strengthen administrative procedures and enhance media capabilities across all member associations while encouraging participation in futsal and grassroots programmes. It also aims to improve the image of the OFC and its members regionally and worldwide.
PNGFA’s final submissions were handed in last year when OFC deputy senior project manager Billy Vaitoare and OFC consultant to PNGFA David Brand met to discuss PNGFA’s activities. As a result the funds were released this year to purchase a new bus and other benefits.