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Transfer window set to open

The window will open on December 1, 2010 and is scheduled to close on February 17, 2011.
Fiji FA chief executive officer Bob Kumar says those dates should give the players and associations ample time to make their minds up over any possible moves.
In previous years, the window opened on November 1 and closed on January 17. Kumar says it was logical to put the dates back another month this time.
“Most of the schools start in February and districts usually have their annual general meeting (AGM) in February,” he says. “The complaint in the past was that until districts have their AGM they are not able to recruit or look for players.
“Furthermore, we have the club championship played in November and, when the previous window opened, players were eligible to get transfers from one club to another, which did not help their former clubs. We took all this into account and decided that, once the club championship is played out in November, a player will be free to move on in December and January.”
Kumar urges districts and players to follow the right channel if they are seeking a registration or transfer.
“If the players are interested in changing districts they should follow the procedure. They need to make an application to their former club and district association and let the procedure roll from the very beginning,” he says.
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