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Women’s football finds dedicated leader

Malep was elected to the role at the weekend, replacing one of the founding members of the league Martha Poida Taiwia.
A former national representative, Malep is employed at the National Bank of Vanuatu and is keen to see Vanuatu women’s football become a force to be reckoned with on the international stage.
“I’ve thanked Port Vila Football Association for their continued support, but also asked that it makes sure women aren’t considered as an afterthought,” Malep says of her work so far.
“When I was a player I got a sense that women were being left behind and today the sport is developing fast in Vila.
“The Women’s League needs to be promoted more in my opinion and PVFA should be promoting it with the same equality as their senior men’s teams.”
Malep says she envisions a future where for every senior men’s team, there is also a women’s team at the club as well.
“We are embracing women’s football in Vila and have produced and published a two-year plan for the game taking us up to 2016,” she continues.
“It is an exciting, comprehensive and ambitious plan to drive girl’s and women’s football to a new level. We are delighted that PVFA supports the plan and the league is now intent on moving women’s football forward in the capital.
“My executive will work hard for the next two years to increase the number of women’s football clubs in Port Vila, with the help of Port Vila Football Association.”
With a lot on the agenda as she helps push for the future of women’s football in Vanuatu and its capital, Malep also took a moment to recognise those that got the ball rolling.
“I would like to take this golden opportunity to thank the Vanuatu Football Federation and the Oceania Football Confederation for their continuous support for women’s football developoment in Port Vila.
“I’d also like to thank the outgoing PVWFL executive, led by Martha. They have been working hard for the last two years and now its our turn.” she concludes.
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