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Woleg: Grassroots is the key

Woleg attended the course run by OFC Player Development Officer Daniel Shirley in Vanuatu last week on behalf of Torba Football Association and his experience has led him to the conculsion that Grassroots is the best format for delivering the football message.
He says he attended the course with one main aim – to get more ideas on how to help children in his village of Sola in the Torba Province.
“I am very happy to be part of the course and to be honest I have learned a lot from Daniel,” Woleg says.
“I have followed football with a passion since I was a kid. I grew up in Sola and have played for the Torba football team in the VFF Cup in the past and now I coach our young stars in the VFF U-12 competition in Santo and Vila.
“A couple of years back, while walking to my village in Sola I came across a bunch of young lads playing football on a patch of waste ground.
“We got chatting and I remarked that some of them looked like good players and asked why they didn’t form a team.
“One of them said they needed somebody to organise them and asked ‘Why not you?’ This is the moment I realised that kid’s football is important – but how to start is always the big question.”
Having completed the one-week course, Woleg says he is in possession of a lot of useful resources and knowledge which he can take back and apply in his province.
“I also want to remind my colleagues who attended the course that kids are kids and we as coaches and volunteers must always love them and be willing to work with them and teach them in the right way so they can learn from us.
“Then, once they grow older, they will become the representatives of Vanuatu football.”
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