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Coach knowledge grows in Taupo

With the course, which has been running since Saturday, New Zealand Football Technical Director Rob Sherman has ushered in a new era in coach development by designing and introducing a new programme of courses for advanced coaches in New Zealand.
The learning process for the 22 candidates from around the country is being led by Sherman, who has delivered Pro Licence courses in Europe and Asia and was Head of Coach Education with Football Federation Australia prior to returning to New Zealand.
“I had the privilege of working with a great group of technical staff in Australia and we developed a world class coach education programme,” Sherman said.
“I’ve used that knowledge to develop a course structure for the coaches in New Zealand and I am delighted with the response from those attending the course.”
Sherman said the Senior Level 3 Coaching Award forms a key part of his approach to one of his major objectives: developing a pool of professionals to teach the global game on New Zealand shores.
“One of my first priorities is to help develop a generation of professional coaches so this Senior Level 3 is the start of a season-long calendar of courses being run around the country to introduce the National Team Model and the Professional Coaching Model to the coaching workforce.”
Coaches in Taupo include professional players Paul Ifill and Martin Bullock while former New Zealand age group representative Stuart Hogg is also present.
Ifill, who has recently joined Team Wellington for the remainder of the ASB Premiership season, says the course has provided an excellent learning environment.
“It’s been excellent,” Ifill says, “It’s very different to the Level 2, it’s looking at completely different things and you can see it’s a lot harder.
“I’ve definitely enjoyed it, [it’s] a great atmosphere again and a really good learning environment.”
“There’s a wealth of knowledge between Rob and people like Allan Jones. There’s plenty to learn.
“They’ve been full of stuff on the pitch; little trigger points and tasks you can give your players that can help get them to the point you want them to be at.”
Bullock, currently a Football Development Officer with Northern Football Federation, has been similarly impressed with the course so far.
“[It’s] been Intense, [there’s been] a lot of learning,” Bullock said.
“I didn’t realise how little I knew until I came on the course. The way the course has been delivered so far has been incredible, absolutely first class.”
Bullock took up the opportunity to take part in the course with one eye on his own coaching future as well as servicing the needs of the coaches he works with on a daily basis as part of his role with Northern Football as a Football Development Officer.
“I have aspirations maybe to be a full time coach in the future and I want to improve myself personally as well to be the best I can. I have a full time job in football at the moment which is dealing with well qualified coaches and I need to be at their level.”
Special guest Didier Chambaron – head of Coach Education at Oceania Football – has spent five days on the course and is delighted with the environment which has been created.
“Based on what I have seen, I believe there is a bright future for football in New Zealand in terms of coach education,” Chambaron said.
“Sustained, high-quality coach participation usually doesn’t happen by chance. A lot of credit must go to Rob Sherman and the New Zealand staff for their efforts. They have created a warm and inclusive environment that encourages coaches to develop their coaching process around the team model approach.”
Part 1 of the course finishes on January 25 with Part 2 scheduled for later in the year.
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