Oceania-based FIFA Development Officer Glenn Turner was joined by Head of FIFA Member Associations Primo Corvaro, FIFA Legal Committee member Prosper Abega, Rolf Tanner from FIFA Legal and FIFA Development Manager Oceania and Europe Eva Pasquier.

The objective of the group’s visit was to look at the Federation Tahitienne de Football’s statutes with a view to making amendments in order to achieve more efficient management, autonomy and political stability, all of which is required for the medium and long term development of football in the federation.
Statutory reforms to a sporting body such as this should be conducted in conjunction with the countries governing body.
To that end, Vaiana Friedman, vice president of the Territorial Assembly attended the meeting.
Following the review, the FIFA delegation will fine-tune the draft statutes and return to FTF for their consideration. The next steps and timelines will then be finalised.

The FIFA delegation is now making its way to New Caledonia, where a similar process will be undertaken on the Federation Caledonienne de Football statutes.
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