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FFAS Clubs Festival continues

“Enjoy yourselves and keep exercising,” shouted Sandra Fruean, FFAS Vice President and Head of Women’s Football (soccer) to the more than 50 participants aged from 9-14.
“This festival is for you to have fun and stay fit as well.”
The festival kicked off for clubs on the Martin Luther King Holiday (Jan. 20) and last Saturday Fruean and FFAS executive commitee member Amio Mavaega-Luvu led the charge in hosting the second session at Pago Park Soccer Field.
A zumba session was held as well, conducted by Peteru Kitona Gago-Lam Yuen’s assistants Jacinta Fuamatu and Lika Taumoepeau, filled with dance moves that helped participants warm up in a fun and laughter filled activity.
The festival’s popularity is even drawing much attention from the village boys of the same age wishing and hoping to join in on the fun.
Both Fruean and Mavaega-Luvu pointed out that the festival is another great way to recruit female players by FFAS member clubs.
“This is a good recruiting tool to have these girls join the clubs and build up the club level,” Fruean pointed out.
“My club as well can benefit from recruiting girls out there that are not affilitated with a team,” Mavaega-Luvu, president of Lion Heart explained. “It will also teach the girls that there are different levels to the game – elementary, high school and then on to national level.
“Having this festival all of these girls are now able to pick what club they wish to join,” Fruean added.
The next Clubs Festival will be held on 17 February.

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