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SIFF welcoming first course in over 12 months

The course was originally planned for April but was postponed following the disastrous flooding in Honiara. SIFF decided that it was not appropriate to hold the course at that time and requested FIFA move it to June.
SIFF technical department member Diane Justus explained that the course is geared towards participants that are beginning their coaching careers.
“The first part of the course is entry level and prepares coaches to deal with Grassroots coaching for ages 5-12. The course will extend to the second part which introduces coaches to youth level coaching for players aged 13-16,” Justus explains.
“This is a very special opportunity for the participants because it kicks off their training as coaches but also introduces them to early youth phase training areas which are critical in player development.”
This is the first FIFA technical course to be organised in Honiara since 2012 following the collapse of the former SIFF administration. It will launch a busy seven months for the SIFF technical department as they look to host another four international courses before the close of 2014.
“After a long period of rest we are starting our education programs again and this is very good,” Justus says.
“We look forward to receiving the participants of the youth coaching course and we also look forward to rest of the courses that we will be holding this year.”
The course will be instructed by OFC Head of Education Didier Chambaron.
For the full list of course participants and more on Solomon Islands football visit www.siff.com.sb

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