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Women preparing for 2015

In anticipation of the four-yearly event, a total of 33 players will be going through intensive physical training at the football academy to see where their level of performance is at.
PNG Football Association’s aim is for its national women’s team is to defend the gold medals and champions title they earned at the 2011 Pacific Games in New Caledonia.
This camp is the first of many training camps which will be conducted between now and the kick-off to the tournament to ensure the girls are well prepared for the task ahead in 2015.
The side will be under the guidance of coach Frederica Sakette who plans to closely monitor each player’s performance before finalising the squad. During the first training camp the girls will undergo fitness tests to gauge their level.
Sakette said that for the girls to make it into the final squad, they must pass the fitness test, a requirement which extends to all women’s national teams from juniors to seniors.
PNGFA Member Associations are asked to work alongside the national association in preparing the girls for the upcoming camp, ensuring that they are up to scratch in the fitness stakes.
The 33 member pre-squad has been selected from the Ox & Palm Women’s National Soccer League and are in camp at the PNGFA Football Academy in Lae this week, from the 25-30 August.
PNG Women’s Pre-squad:
KUNEI Lace (Madang)
WATPORE Fidelma (Bara LFA)
BEN Fiona (Yamaros FC)
GUNEMBA Judith (Poro FC)
TEDDY Egar (Poro FC)
HORRIS Cathy (Mungkas FC)
NONENG Trisen (Bougainville)
HONEAKI Linah (Bara LFA)
SAMSON Cathy (Goroka)
SIMON Lakele (Poro FC)
CHALAU Jaquelyn (ITI Crusaders)
KILLY Natasha (PNG Power FC)
ULENGIT Jenisa (Bara LFA)
CHUNG Girah (PNG Power FC)
DESMOND Elish (Markham)
SIWER Martha (Manus)
MARAHAN Lisa (Bougainville)
TABORO Deborah (Kimbe)
KURABI Esther (ITI Crusaders)
FLINDERS Dephney (ITI Crusaders)
YAPI Bertha (ITI Crusaders)
KARO Irene (Lahi)
LIMBAI Zeena (Poro FC)
SESEVO Dorcas (Mungkas FC)
BIRUM Sandra (Mungkas FC)
SAMSON Loretta (Yamaros FC)
MIDI Ara (Goroka)
SOATSIN Emilliane (Bougainville)
NIAMAM Nicolla (Madang)
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