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Nelsen to play on for All Whites

Rovers manager Sam Allardyce has urged the 33-year-old to think seriously about the rigours of trying to combine his duties for club and country as he enters the latter stages of his career.
However, while Nelsen is aware that he could face a big decision at some point in the future, he is happy to continue fighting on both fronts for the time being.
“I would just like to finish it on my terms and when I feel that’s being detrimental to Blackburn or vice versa, then I think it will be time to call it quits,” he told the Lancashire Telegraph.
“But at the moment, I feel really good, my body feels good and I feel fit. I’m still motivated to play, so at the moment the time is not right.
“Maybe in six months, a year, two years, I don’t know, that could be completely different.
“I try to keep as fit as I can because I’m not getting any younger, but once that starts coming, anything detrimental to Blackburn or to New Zealand, I will call it quits.”
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