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Title-holders look to bounce back

The 2011 O-League runners-up are already three points behind the leaders following their loss to Shepherds United last Saturday.
Masauvakalo is hoping the players’ desire to continue adding to the club’s recent history of success will be a motivating factor in bringing them back to winning form against Tupuji Imere today.
“We have been the premier league champions for the past three years,” the 2010 O-League Golden Boot winner says.
“No other clubs have won three titles since the Vanuatu Football Federation introduced the national league.”
But he warns that the desire to win will not be enough to guarantee success.
“Winning will come from working, playing, thinking and planning well, as well as having the motivation and desire to win every game,” Masauvakalo says.
“Apart from the fact that football is football, some things are unforseeable. It is one of the few sports where the best team does not always win.”
The Reds found that out to their cost in the opening match, which they dominated and carved out the better opportunities but still emerged on the wrong end of a 2-0 scoreline, due mainly to a heroic performance from veteran Shepherds goalkeeper David Chilia.
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