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FIFA Connect arrives in Fiji

This will help in the gathering and processing of data from every corner of the football world.
Daniel Jang, FIFA Connect Program Officer based at the FIFA Development Office Oceania in New Zealand who was in the country a fortnight ago, says Fiji Football is well-positioned to become the first in the Pacific to get onboard with the FIFA Connect Program.
“Fiji Football has the kind of operating model that is suitable to be our pilot association in the Oceania region,” he says.
Jang said Connect is the product of a mandate given in December 2011 by the FIFA Executive Committee to set up a worldwide football registration programme to help organise stakeholders around the world.
“The goals of the programme include the systematic registration of players and other football stakeholders. The establishment of information systems standards for the exchange of data across national borders, and the promotion of a more fact-based management of football development activities following a global standard. Connect will also serve to further ensure the protection of minors and the execution of FIFA’s solidarity mechanisms.
“FIFA Connect will allow all of our members to have full visibility on their football landscape, which will have a tremendous impact on their governance, but will also bring benefits on the footballing side – knowing your players better, where they are and who they are, is vital for football development. On a global scale, our objective is to use the latest technologies to promote and facilitate the systematic exchange of information and knowledge between our Member Associations following a global standard by 2019.”
As the first FIFA Connect pilot in Asia, The Football Association of Singapore is already benefitting from Connect through the introduction of a central paperless platform for the issuing of player passports and the establishment of a centralised coaching database.
Fiji FA Chief Executive Officer Bob Kumar said the Fiji FA Board has approved the FIFA Connect Program during their meeting a week ago.
“FIFA Connect is an excellent way for us to streamline our administrative and organisational processes, and is in line with a key pillar of our Strategic Plan to harness the power of IT to better administer the game,” Kumar says.
“This platform will further enhance our capabilities in organising competitions and also enable us to maintain an accurate, up-to-date database of every person and entity involved in Fiji football.”

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