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Just Play Rutaki Festival Successful

Cook Islands Just Play Project Manager and developer of the Cook Islands Village Festivals Michelle Paiti was pleased with the large turnout and success of the festival.
“We had just over 40 children participate at our last festival in Rutaki and so it was great to see this number increase this time around.” she said.
Paiti adapted standard Just Play festivals to develop ‘village festivals’, which integrate all the sporting codes in the area to produce a day of different activities for the children.
The integration built strong partnerships with the other sport organisations in the Cook Islands and has allowed children to attempt a range of sports and find a form a physical activity they enjoy.
The village festivals include traditional Just Play activities, such as sharing messages about respect and protecting each other to children while they participate in physical activities.
UNICEF representative Andre Whittaker attended the village festival while on holiday in the Cook Islands and was impressed by the impact the Just Play programme is having on the local community.
Whittaker joined in the excitement by handing out free drink bottles to the children, donated by Jetsafe Travel and Western Union.
The OFC Just Play Programme is supported by Australian Aid, New Zealand Aid, Football Federation Australia, UEFA Foundation for Children and UNICEF.

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