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Second half performance costs Fiji

Farina, who made seven changes to the side that lost 4-2 to Parana Clube on Monday, was encouraged by his team’s first half performance.
However, within just eight minutes after the restart the Fijians conceded twice to seal their fate.
Farina couldn’t hide his disappointment with the way the second half unfolded.
“Following a very pleasing first half we took a step back,” he lamented.
“We lost concentration, particularly in defence with two or three of the boys falling asleep in the back at a bad time.
“When we went a goal down we lost a little bit of confidence as well and the second goal came through another mistake.”
Farina admits the changes he made may have impacted on the team’s performance but the coach insists that should not be the case.
“Maybe those seven changes caused a bit of confusion but it shouldn’t have because they all know the structure, they all know what their jobs and roles are.”
Despite their third defeat of the tour Farina is happy with his team’s preparations for the Rio Games in August.
“It is a very valuable exercise. Unfortunately with all the happenings back in Fiji they didn’t play a lot of football before they left.”
“They need as much quality match practise as possible and it is a different level of football here.
“The technical standard is higher than what they are used to back home.”
Farina says the tour also provides him with all the necessary information he needs before finalising his squad.
“It’s good because I’m learning about the players and I’m finding out whether they are going to be capable at this level.
“It’s a good indicator for me as to who is going to be part of this squad to go to the Olympics and who isn’t.
The Fiji U-23 side will complete their four-match tour of Brazil against Atletico before heading back home on Sunday.
Farina says it’s the last chance for some of his players to make an impression.
“This is their opportunity and I’m looking for a big improvement to finish on a high note.”

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