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Historic congress signals way forward

An operating surplus of $6.1 million was confirmed for 2013 after being announced earlier this year while proposed changes to New Zealand Football Statutes were passed unanimously after a consultation process which began in June.
The Statute changes see New Zealand Football become one of a handful of countries, and the first in the region, to adopt a rules framework which aligns with FIFA Statutes and sees voting rights become shared among a wider group of stakeholders while Executive Committee (formerly board) members will now be elected at Congress rather than comprising a mix of elected, appointed and co-opted members.
New Zealand Football President Mark Aspden said the Statute changes were one of a number of exciting forward steps signalled at the Congress – also attended by FIFA Member Association Senior Manager James Johnson.
“New Zealand Football has moved quickly, becoming one of the first Member Associations who have aligned regulations with FIFA Statutes,” Aspden said.
“The move ensures a more representative approach to our governance with an appropriate contribution from a wider range of stakeholders who speak for the entire football community in this country.”
“Having delivered another excellent financial result, combined with a more aligned approach with our key stakeholders and developing internal infrastructure; the game is continuing to strengthen the platform from which we can launch forward.
“Our move to reposition football in the New Zealand landscape is gathering pace and with further initiatives to come over the next 12 months on and off the field, it’s an exciting time to be involved in the global game.”
Oceania Football Confederation President David Chung addressed the Congress outlining the Confederation’s future plans and projects, something Aspden says will involve a close partnership with New Zealand Football.
“As a member association of the Oceania Football Confederation, we have a responsibility to work closely with the organisation as we help deliver FIFA-aligned projects and programmes to our local community.
“We look forward to increasing our engagement with Oceania Football as we both work to raise the profile of the global game in our corner of the world.”
Meanwhile, former All Whites captain Steve Sumner presented Life Membership Awards to former international team mate Frank van Hattum and former All Whites coach Allan Jones.
Van Hattum was recognised for not only his achievements on the field in the New Zealand game but also his major contribution to the sport as a long-time board member at both federation and national level.
Jones’ contribution as coach of the All Whites during the 1980s was honoured along with his work as national coaching director over a number of years which helped shape the careers of a number of coaches who followed in his footsteps.
An Extraordinary Congress to elect the first Executive Committee members and to consider new Voting Members of Congress under the new Statutes will be held on November 28, 2014.
124th New Zealand Football Congress key notes
– $6.1 million surplus announced for 2013
– New Statute Framework voted on and unanimously passed
– “Board” now “Executive Committee” and members all elected by Congress
– Expanded group of voting members
– Life Membership Awards; Frank van Hattum, Allan Jones
– Extraordinary Congress – November 28, 2014
To view the New Zealand Football 2013 Annual Report click here
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For more on New Zealand football visit www.nzfootball.co.nz

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