The donation will be combined with $50,000 from Mainland Football’s reserves that the federation had previously earmarked for a general hardship fund but would now use to establish a specific fund to alleviate short and long-term financial hardships created in Canterbury by the recent earthquakes.
The federation will also grow the fund with continued fundraising throughout 2011.
Mainland Football estimates that over 600 players have dropped out of football this season as a direct or indirect result of the February 22 quake.
“The Mainland Football board has considered for the past couple of years how it can best use some of its reserves to support families in football with genuine hardship,” said Mainland Football CEO Mike Coggan.
“The recent earthquakes have created new hardships for some families and exaggerated others so we thank everyone who has contributed to fundraising efforts to help fellow footballers.”
The New Zealand Football (NZF) donation comes from the NZF Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and includes an OFC contribution of $25,000.
“The region has been hit hard in terms of facilities and on very personal levels as well,” said NZF Chairman Frank van Hattum.
“We urged football people to help others in the football community and they responded so that development programmes could keep going and that sport could play a role in helping Canterbury get back to a sense of normalcy.”
Coggan indicated that Mainland Football would now work to put in place structures and processes to maximise the fund’s short and long-term benefit.
“We’ve got a very good base to establish the fund but the aim is to make it sustainable so we can help more people. The board are keen to get the right structure around the fund for long-term benefit but do it quickly so we can start to consider applications from those who need help.”
Story courtesy of New Zealand Football.
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