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Soccer Sisters highlights healthy living

The Federation held its first in the new round of Soccer Sisters Festivals in October and organisers decided it was the perfect avenue for promoting some of the social issues that affect women in the community.
With a focus on fun, Soccer Sisters uses football as a tool to educate women to live balanced lives through sustainable eating practices, healthy environments and regular exercise.
Small-sided games, fun activities and ZOVA for mothers were all on the menu for those in attendance with giveaways sweetening the day’s events for many.
FFS CEO Sarai Bareman, a strong advocate for women’s health in Samoa, delivered an inspiring message to all those at the event.
“Women are so valuable to society, to the family unit and to the village community,” she said.
“As women, if we lead by example in eating the right foods, being active and living healthy, it is only natural that our families and communities will follow suit. We have the power to initiate change and we mustn’t underestimate how important this is.”
FFS is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to deliver social messages that will improve the lives of women in Samoa.
Mae’e Ualesi Silva, representing the Ministry of Health, delivered the keynote address at the Festival’s opening stating that everyone, including women, should be physically active, keep to a healthy diet and exercise as often as possible.
“A healthy body leads to healthy people and country so it is a must for us to exercise as much as we can so that we will be healthier,” she said.
The Soccer Sisters’ Festivals are an annual activity run approximately ten times a year to assist with the promotion and growth of women’s football in the country.
The initiative has been boosted through financial support from FIFA through the Women’s Football Development Programme, as well as the OFC technical department.
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