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Beach Soccer reignites in Noumea

On Sunday 28 August the Fédération Calédonienne de Football et le Kalédonian Futsal United (KFU) are getting a new event underway – the Beach Soccer Cup.
The initiative is being driven by former futsal international Romain Guitton and will take place at the FCF Technical Centre in Païta over two weekends.
“The idea to organise a beach soccer tournament came about as we were researching a unique sporting event, something people aren’t used to seeing in New Caledonia,” Guitton said.
“A number of football tournaments have been organised all over the country, but often that’s football or futsal. This time it will be beach soccer.”
Guitton believes with the creation of a department for “Football Diversifié” at FCF, it’s an opportunity to promote and develop different football disciplines in New Caledonia.
“Futsal needs to progress, and beach soccer also needs to find its place in Caledonie. This event is a window, which will help the game advance.”
The tournament has two categories – men’s and women’s – which are played out over two separate weekends.
Guitton says the goal is to see the sport develop in both categories at a similar pace.
The event takes place at the FCF Technical Centre on 27-28 August for men, and 29-30 October for women.
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