Impacting children through football for a better tomorrow was the theme of celebrations for International Children’s Day held in Auki Town in the Malaita Province of Solomon Islands.

After getting the green light from the Ministry of Education, ten schools were invited to participate in two festivals organised collaboratively between Just Play, the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs, the Malaita Provincial Government and Malaita Football Association.

Just Play Coordinator Michael Batee said it was a well-attended pair of events with over 1,000 young people across two age groups – 6-12 years and 13-18 years, plus over 300 spectators including teachers, parents, and other children.

“The engagement of the children throughout the festival was good,” Batee reported.

“The support from the parents, teachers and the communities was good, they provided extra water for the children and food.”

Participating Schools:

  • Laulana Primary School & Community High School
  • Aisalinga Primary School
  • Sinasu Primary School & Community High School
  • Bitakaula Primary & Community High School
  • Auki Primary School & Community High School
  • Alota’a Primary School
  • Town End Primary School
  • Kilusakwalo Primary & Community High School
  • Gwaigeo Primary & Community High School

Partners Involved:

  • Ministry of Women, Youth, Children & Family Affairs
  • Ministry of Education, Honiara
  • Malaita Provincial Government – Deputy Premier, Sport Coordinator, Youth Desk, Chief Education Officer
  • Royal Solomon Island Police, Auki, Malaita
  • Malaita Football Association



6-12 Years:
Boys: 365, Girls: 322 Total: 687

13-18 Years:
Boys: 191, Girls: 146 Total: 337