Hienghene Sport have been crowned the 2021 Super League champions and AS Universite awarded the 2021 Super League Futsal title, after both seasons were officially concluded this week by the New Caledonian Football Federation in the wake of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in the territory.  

Both teams sat atop their respective competitions at the point of the forced suspension of the seasons.

President of the Caledonian Football Federation Gilles Tavergeux said with no clear path out of current restrictions around sport in New Caledonia, it was a decision that had to be made.  

“It is a logical choice and a prudent one too, as we are still uncertain of the future of the Covid crisis,” Tavergeux said.  

“Government directives regarding the resumption of sports competitions are not yet defined.” 

There will be no promotion into Super League for the 2021 season, meaning the competition will go from 13 teams to 12 teams next year, with RC Poindimié, who were last in the Super League at the time of it being suspended, being relegated.  

Meanwhile Hienghene Sport are set to play against the Super League’s second ranked side, SC Ne Drehu, at a later date for the right to represent New Caledonia in the OFC Champions League 2022, which will be played under a new format as announced in October