By Samma Mataroa CIFA Photo Credit: CIFA Media

The Cook Islands Football Association (CIFA) has struck a ground breaking collaboration with New Zealand Football to elevate the standard of coaching in the region.

NZ Football will be working with local Cook Islands football coaches to help them in achieving the highly sort after C License in football coaching.

This initiative aims at raising the quality of coaching on the island, in the hope of having more skilled mentors that can cultivate the next generation of football talent.

A C License provides coaches with the framework and methodology to be a professional ‘expert’ coach, representing a monumental leap forward for CIFA.

Qualified advanced coach developer for both Northern Region Football Federation and NZ Football, Korosh Monsef has been instrumental in this developmental endeavor.

Recently, Monsef was in Rarotonga where he offered his knowledge and support to local coaches who are in the process of securing their C License.

In a session hosted by CIFA, Monsef demonstrated the practical skills necessary for coaches to excel in their C License assessments.

It provided an invaluable platform for local coaches to interact directly with the NZ Football coach developer, and witness first-hand the standards expected at the higher echelons of football coaching.

Cook Islands Football hope to see a surge in local coaches taking on upcoming opportunities like this, in the aim to eventually foster a robust coaching infrastructure.

One that not only develops the game domestically but also positions the nation as a hub of football excellence in the Pacific.