Cook Islands are taking on Tahiti in the final Group B match at Luganville Soccer City Stadium on Santo in Vanuatu.

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Cook Islands: 1. Keegan INIA (GK) (C), 2. Jarves APERAU, 4. Sunai JOSEPH, 5. Michael WOOD, 6. Kimiora SAMUELA, 7. Samuel MAOATE-COX, 8. Cahjun WILLIS, 11. Thane BEAL, 13. Orin RUAINE-PRATTLEY, 14. Conroy TIPUTOA, 18. Dwayne TIPUTOA
Substitutes: 3. George ELLIS, 12. Melbourne MATAKINO, 15. Owenne MATAPO, 17. Kristian YOUNG, 20. Manaariki PIERRE (GK)

Coach: Matt CALCOTT (NZL)

Tahiti: 1. Moana PITO (GK), 2. Brandon AUTAI, 4. Vaianui DROLLET, 6. Ryan PETITGAS, 8. Ro’onui TINIRAUARII, 9. Heirauarii SALEM (C), 10. Michel MAIHI, 11. Sandro TAU, 13. Joachim TEANUANUA, 15. Marcus SIEJIDR, 20. Raumatahi NOHO
Substitutes: 7. Roonui TEHAU, 12. Rainui NORDMAN, 14. Toriki GUYOT, 17. Raivaru HANERE, 18. Kaena ONUU, 19. Daniel SEINO
Suspended: 5. Hauragi HURI
Injured: 3. Tuma TIATOA, 16. Tetahio TERIINOHOPUAITERAI (GK)

Coach: Ludovic GRAUGNARD (TAH)

Match Officials:
Referee: Joel HOPKKEN (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Avinesh NARAYAN (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Jeremy GARAE (VAN)
Fourth Official: Arnold TARI (VAN)

FULL-TIME | Cook Islands 1-3 Tahiti

90’+2′ YELLOW CARD Orin RUAINE-PRATTELEY is cautioned for a big challenge on Brandon AUTAI

90′ Three minutes additional time

88′ TAU sees INIA off his line and goes for goal but the captain gets his hand to tip it around the post

88′ TAU again goes for goal but INIA is up for the challenge

87′ GOAL!! Cook Islands 1-3 Tahiti NORDMAN plays a great ball through for Sandro TAU to finish neatly

84′ Great overlap from JOSEPH but the sliding challenge from Joachim TEANUANUA earns him a free kick

83′ GOAL!! Cook Islands 1-2 Tahiti Dwayne TIPUTOA puts it past PITO from the spot

82′ PENALTY | Cook Islands have a chance to score their first goal of the competition

78′ D. TIPUTOA turns the ball in for BEAL who smashes it low but PITO saves

77′ NORDMAN is offside as Tahiti try to sneak the ball wide for him

76′ INIA smashes the ball upfield but D. TIPUTOA can’t bring it down

76′ Corner whipped in by SAMUELA but PITO leaps to claim

75′ Cooks almost have the ball in the back of the net as PITO fumbles but somehow Tahiti manage to clear and its a quick counter

73′SUB TAH Michel MAIHI makes room for Roonui TEHAU

72′ YELLOW CARD NORDMAN picks up a yellow for his role in an off the ball incident

71′ C. TIPUTOA misses the ball

71′ NORDMAN clambers on JOSEPH and Cook Islands have a free kick

69′ YELLOW CARD Sam MAOTE-COX is cautioned for a challenge on NORDMAN

66′ Orin RUAINE-PRATTLEY puts a challenge in on AUTAI who then drops the free kick in front of goal

63′ YELLOW CARD Sandro TAU is cautioned for his challenge on Sunai JOSEPH

62′ AUTAI plays NORDMAN towards the goalline, he puts in the cross but sends behind the goal

60′ BEAL wins the ball and plays D. TIPUTOA but the striker steps on the ball allowing SALEM to steal back

58′ SALEM free kick is headed by TAU but INIA saves

56′ YELLOW CARD Conroy TIPUTOA receives a caution

55′ GOAL!! Cook Islands 0-2 Tahiti SALEM with his brace after sending a low drive into the back of the net

54′ Michel MAIHI has a decent shot that is blocked away

52′ Tempers no calmer in this half with both sides giving

50′ Free kick for Tahiti taken quickly and blayed to AUTAI who delivers the cross

49′ Ryan PETITGAS tries to paly in and out around the defender with his teammate but he’s caught offside

46′ The second half is underway

46′ SUB TAH Roonui TINIRAUARII comes off for Rainui NORDMAN

HALF-TIME | Cook Islands 0-1 Tahiti

45’+2′ GOAL!! Cook Islands 0-1 Tahiti Captain Heirauarii SALEM floats in a free kick and despite getting a touch INIA can’t stop it

45′ One minute additional time

44′ Brandon AUTAI plays the cross in and it’s captured by INIA

44′ PITO punches clear a free kick

42′ A shot from Tahiti at the other end is again well caught by INIA

42′ Moana PITO comes into action as D. TIPUTOA drives in low

41′ Sunai JOSEPH loses possession in the middle and the ball comes to MAIHI but he can’t beat WOOD

40′ SUB TAH A limping Raumatahi NOHO is replaced by Raivaru HANERE

39′ A neat little overhead effort from SAMUELA but he’s not quite on target

38′ Tahiti work the ball well, it comes to MAIHI in the centre who flashes low but INIA saves

37′ Things are getting very heated on the pitch with both sides getting frustrated

35′ YELLOW CARD Thane BEAL is cautioned

33′ Tahiti keep trying to play SIEJIDR in behind the defence but the speedster keeps getting caught by the flag

32′ NOHO leaves his attacker in the dust as he races forward to hit the galkick back upfield

30′ Perfectly heighted ball for a volley is poorly hit by TAU and goes over

27′ Solid challenge from MAOATE-COX floors NOHO and earns Tahiti a free kick

25′ Samuel MAOATE-COX throws his body at the ball to head away from goal

23′ TAU doesnt’ get his body over the ball and sends his shot from distance up and over the target

23′ MAIHI flicks on for Sandro TAU but WOOD gets there first and boots clear

21′ D. TIPUTOA is sent on the chase and manages to get the better of his defender to knock in a cross but Kimiora SAMUELA arrives too late

20′ Tahiti holding possession well and forcing Cooks to run

18′ Sunai JOSEPH and Michael WOOD do enough to close out the shot from TINIRAUARII

16′ Tahiti move with speed across the park, Roonui TINIRAUARII plays SIEJIDR on and he whacks the side net with his effort

15′ APERAU heads backwards, INIA is off his line but misses the bounce fortunately for Cook Islands its over the line for a goal kick

12′ Heirauarii SALEM and Dwayne TIPUTOA get physical and earn words from the referee

11′ SIEJIDR breaks past Jarves APERAU but is caught offside

11′ Chance for C. TIPUTOA but he’s held off by Raumatahi NOHO

9′ Tahiti race into the area and SIEJIDR smashes in a shot the flies over the goal off the cross bar

9′ Conroy TIPUTOA takes on the defender but looses possession

7′ Corner causes trouble for Tahiti and somehow it’s cleared out without crossing the line

6′ Cook Islands win a free kick 10m off the box, its whipped in before being cleared for a corner by Marc SIEJIDR

5′ INIA makes a save

2′ Roonui TINIRAUARII has a chance but the flag goes up for offside

1′ Michel MAIHI has an early chance for Tahiti as he flicks off the head at the near post but it’s saved by Keegan INIA

1′ Tahiti kick things off in the final group game in Luganville, Santo

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