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College tournament engages women

Women’s College teams in Samoa resembled professional clubs in the recent Women’s College tournament, after the handout of new uniforms and equipment as part of an ongoing FIFA initiative to develop women’s football.

The equipment was given out to 10 colleges from Upolu and Savaii that accepted an invitation from FFS to participate in the Women’s College Tournament.

OFC Women’s Football Development Officer and FIFA Instructor Nicola Demaine delivered the keynote address and spoke on how FIFA and FFS are taking the right path to improve women’s football in Samoa, before speaking directly to the school principals and teachers about the importance of their support in the development of the women’s game.

“This tournament is for the colleges. It’s a chance to get new girls to play football to grow the game even more and maybe link those players into clubs,” she said.

“Who knows, it might be one of your college’s players that goes on to play for Samoa in the near future, and if it happens, please makes a big deal out of it”, she added.

Demaine also urged the colleges to look after the uniforms and ensure that the tournament continues to create pathways for women.

“Please carry it forward. I encourage you coaches to support your girls and enjoy this gift as it’s the best game in the world.”

The uniforms were worn for the first time last week in tournaments involving eight colleges in Upolu and Savaii, running from 19-22 September.
Leififi College were the Upolu champions, with Vineta Kalifa earning the Most Valuable Player award.

Vaiola College took out the top spot in the Savaii tournament, and Most Valuable Player was awarded to Si’imamao from Savaii Sisifo.

The Samoa Women’s College Tournament is an annual event hosted and run by Football Federation Samoa with the support of FIFA.

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